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  1. I agree. Awesome episode! Howard and the Alf doll ^^ Raj rubbing the drawing off of Aquaman ...and in the darkness bind them ahaha nerdy and sweet <3 the mama and memaw talk :D the pee thing was sooo funny and Sheldon´s nightmare
  2. Ruby


    Awww cool! Didn´t know that! I´m watching a part of the last episode right now to see her :D I stopped watching Charmed after season 5 or 6 or so. Lost interest. Well, she looks pretty^^
  3. Yes, this episode was great. : ) I´m reading some quotes right now and lmao ^^ But the "I am the master of my bladder" is the best! :D
  4. It´s nice to look back on the postive things because at the moment I´m very unhappy :/ .... Well and I think there are actually two happy moments I experienced in 2009 which are my graduation from school [although in the end it was a very sad moment...] and then in december when I got my driver´s license :D Now that I think of it, the most fun part was before the tests started^^ when the teachers were so nice and school was lazy-fun-time :D *sigh* I miss that : (
  5. "Who are you? Elvis?" loooooooooooooooooooooooool Just watched the video of them in the press room and it´s so funny. Kaley and Simon chewing gum lol [can´t post link but I watched it on peopleschoice.com ^^] And of course their acceptance speech was great. Fantastic to see them on stage. So sweet. I noticed again how much I love them all <333
  6. Hey Delph! Welcome and have fun! I had the same thought when I saw the curtain lol I liked chemistry at school^^ [or do I have to say stinks? looked it up^^ do you also say that in american english? oO never used it before...]
  7. cool. thanks! very interesting. Now I wanna know my numbers^^ Well, I have to live healthier too...
  8. I do, too. but not up to date. I watch it in german...
  9. Welcome! Good for you. I didn´t succeed yet.
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