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  1. Ruby


    First thing I thought when I read your nickname: Does he watch Supernatural? Cool
  2. Welcome Kyle! Nice introduction^^
  3. Welcome, Ant! + new word in my vocabulary very educating here^^
  4. That was a pretty nasty one lol I loved Raj´s jokes :D And his look is so cute when he smiles satisfied Howard´s song was great! and Sheldon on helium sounds hilarious
  5. Welcome! enjoyed reading your blog entry. and dito torak
  6. Just saw it. OMG awesome!!! I couldn´t stop laughing Sooo funny. Agree, best episode of this season! I had to laugh so hard when Sheldon was comforting Penny and his facial expression was so weird loooool
  7. @Bilkis: you angel you lol Hell yeah! Ohoh I can get very angry and then nothing is safe haha Have you ever eaten horse meat?
  8. nope. But who knows? Maybe sometime^^ Have you ever seen a bear in the wild?
  9. Ruby

    This or That?

    American English. or ?
  10. Ruby

    True or False?

    depends but true. Next person plays piano.
  11. Ruby

    This or That?

    Travel! Past or future?
  12. Ruby

    Movie Game

    Slumdog Millionaire
  13. Yes, in Paris. Twice.^^ Have you ever had the giggles in a very inappropriate moment?
  14. Ruby

    True or False?

    False. Next person has allergies?
  15. Ruby

    Nerd Test

    18% scored higher (more nerdy), 1% scored the same, and 81% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: High-Level Nerd. You are definitely MIT material, apply now!!!. I don´t know either oO But it´s cool!
  16. Ruby


    Oh Melyanna, just saw it now. Great works! I like your style. Wanna learn to do more drawings on computer now. Practice practice practice
  17. oh no don´t tell us *smack* nooo^^. Each to their own. Maybe you´ll change your opinion someday I´d choose Kripke, too btw...
  18. click click click...^^ but NPH is awesome too! Don´t hit me yeahyeah I´m voting for Sheldon<3 and himym...ooops no! TBBT of course!^^
  19. yay! that´s great news! but yes, poor Leonard haha
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