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  1. Hey, Krysta! Welcome and have fun! And we expect a report when you saw tbbt live
  2. Ruby

    True or False?

    Well that´s a good question >.> I´m making my driver license now and next week is my practical test. But I think I like it^^ So: True Next person likes camping?
  3. Ruby

    True or False?

    False. And don´t really want to. Next person hates onions.
  4. No, never was in such a situation where I´d feel to lie about that^^ Have you ever peed outside?
  5. Ruby


    Sorry, totally forgot this >< here we go: klick And woooow Bilkis! awesome drawings! you´re very good! And atheles, very cool with the writing stuff! Tell me when it comes out and I buy it When I was younger I was always writing some stories but then I had a long break and wrote only a funny superhero story for friends. After that I often thought of starting again but I don´t know... Well somehow I came across this NaNoWriMo. I thought it was a good motivation so I started writing again a few days ago, but I don´t want to write something great. It´s more for fun and to find out if there´s still a writer in me or sth like that Photography is a great thing too, I like to take pictures but just for fun. I´m not good^^ And I´d like to learn how to crochet My mom taught me a bit a while back but I forgot everything >< Lately I see so many crochet stuff, even tbbt figures. Now I want to make sth like that tooo! lol
  6. Ruby


    I´m glad I asked the question in the true or false thread Wanna see your drawings too!!! And yes I enjoy drawing as well. Last weeks unfortunately were rather drawing free but I often need some motivation to start something >< I really love to have sth in my hands that I can be proud of when I finished my work. Well, I´m not that good but sometimes it doesn´t matter if it has its mistakes. It´s never done for nothing^^ And the drawing process is fun too. Have to look for some of my drawings that I uploaded and then I can show you
  7. I´d also like to see Felicia Day. and maybe Richard Dean Anderson.
  8. Ruby

    This or That?

    Well, I´m more of a loner but not really of my own choice... Garden or balcony?
  9. Ruby

    The Guild

    me too!! I watched Dr. Horrible several times and I still love it! Usually I´m not that into musical stuff but there it´s different^^ And this I watched because of NPH [who also is awesome btw ] and so it´s all thanks to How I met your mother I also watch The legend of Neil which is produced by Zaboo of the Guild and it´s also very funny. But Felicia Day plays a pretty naughty character
  10. Ruby

    True or False?

    False. Nintendo fan here Next person likes drawing.
  11. I´d also imagine it a slow process. But I like the idea of Raj talking to women or at least to Penny. It would be a nice development for his character. btw it´s selective mutism not selected I suffer from this disorder too and it´s very hard. In contrast to Raj I have rather more problems talking to men^^
  12. Ruby

    True or False?

    True. but very seldom last years... Next person is hungry.
  13. I want this toaster tooo! I liked the episode. The Howard and Raj part was funny imo^^
  14. Ruby

    This or That?

    Seaside! love the sea<3 rain or snow?
  15. Ruby

    Know you

    Basics Name: Ann Age: 19 Birthday: August 1st Sex: female Eye colour: brown Hair colour: dark brown Height: 1,68 m Glasses: yes^^ Favorite Drink: Peach Ice Tea Food: spring rolls by mommy^^ with rice Colour: green Store: hmm book stores Either/Or Spender or saver: saver Books or movies: tough one :/ ...both^^ Sweet or salty: salty
  16. Ruby


    Yes I do and I love your ava Jensen Ackles = HOT! I´m so looking forward to the next episode! It will be hilarious!
  17. TBBT, Veronica Mars, Monk, True Blood, Friends, Scrubs
  18. Ruby

    The Guild

    Yaaaaay! The Guild is great! I love it I started watching it because of Felicia Day<3 She´s awesome^^ I´m not really a gamer but my brother is and I totally like this humour! For example their social behaviour btw I love it when Codex says yay! And the way Vork talks is hilarious. "Women, can't live with them.....they will not go out with me." loool Vork is so funny^^
  19. Oh thanks for the nice welcome! und dankeschön^^ It´s great that here are so many people from different countries! Multiculture forums ftw!
  20. Ruby


    I really like it, too. House is a brilliant character. I´m looking forward to the new episode tonite [here in Germany]^^
  21. I believe I will never be sick of KoQ. I watched some episodes several times but I´m still laughing my head off when I watch it Arthur and Doug are the best!
  22. I love himym <333 I think the humour is hilarious! And the characters are so great! I love them all^^ This show is legen... wait for it... dary!
  23. Ruby


    I only watched the first two episodes and it was very funny but somehow I forgot to go on watching... But it´s on my tv show list so I´m going to continue sometime^^
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