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  1. Well, Leonard's friends and interest are only university-oriented, so i can see he choose Penny, becouse she is nice(and hot) getaway to the "outer world". He really can forget about all the science stuff(although he has difficulties with it, as shown in episodes) when he's with her, and enjoy the mindless moments(in positive meaning). I really don't view alpha male as tall, muscular man, lol. But i view him as a man with strong sense of reality, capable of snap decisions, living in abudance, and dont caring what oters think. Just watch some Sean Stephenson videos and you'll get the point. So alpha man does not mean douche, it means someone who a girl like Penny can be with, and feel like princess, becouse she subconciously/consciously knows everything will be alright, becouse a man like that can handle all situations that will occur. Well, Leonard sometimes reveals the "man" side of him, and everytime he does i really appreciate it. But still, in their relationship, the one who looks(in terms of behaviour) like more manly is Penny. And that's why it would never work irl.
  2. Ok. I know this is a tv show. I know this is not real life. But we ususaly likes tv shows becouse it is mirror of real life stories. To the point. I see no single reason why Penny should stay with Leonard, in terms of attrations. He has all the beta male characteristics, he is needy, he is seeking for approval, he has no willpower. I can't imagine hot blonde surrounded by cool guys going out with this looser. Even in the show, there's no suggestion why Penny did choose him. All we saw was Penny out of the blue making out with leonard. Episode after episode, all we see are reasons why Penny should not be with Leonard, but there's not single one that suggest she would love him for something. I am not a huge, obsessed fan of tv shows nor BBT, i know they are not based on logic - usualy - but this really hit me in the eye. Any suggestion?
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