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  1. Seconded. I know first hand because I've been out in California for several years now and going on auditions. Getting commercial work is hard as hell, even the non-union work.
  2. I know working actors, when I say working actors, I mean actors who aren't names by any means but do make their living by doing commercials and various odd gigs here and there. One thing all these people have in common is that they all have some kind of part time job to suppliment their income. There are times when months go by between booking gigs and unless you are booking at least 1 to 2 national commercials where there are continuous residuals coming in after the initial pay it is extremely difficult to support yourself on acting jobs alone. Especially out here in CA where the cost of livi
  3. I don't get Penny quitting the only job(even if she doesn't like it)that was bringing her stable income. How is she going to pay her bills? The money she earned from her NCIS spot would maybe be enough to hold her over for a couple months at the most.
  4. Well, I was wrong about what happened. Penny proposing drunk was her way of trying to make herself feel better about what happened so Leonard's hesitation is completely understandable. That being said I still don't think we're going to get a genuine engagement between the two until after they've been living together for at least a little bit of time.
  5. The writers are developing L/P relationship in pillars, with the pillars containing paired stages within the relationship. First is dating/casual relationship, second is the mutual IYL's/committed relationship...which is where they are currently now. The final two pillars contain co-habitation/engagement and then marriage/having kinds. The writers have/are gradually taking him through all the pillars one stage at a time. They haven't deviated from this model so far. Living together for a time comes before engagement. The end of the show will have them being married and we'll probably at least
  6. The reason why people are speculating that she might be considering quitting is because she's been struggling for 7 years and in that time has only booked a few gigs. One top of that she's now going back to school and taking classes that are not related to what she originally came out her for. That's called having a fall back plan and if Penny is doing that then that means she's at least started to consider the strong possibility that she might not be able to cut it. The NCIS fallout might just be the straw that breaks the camels back for her. She clearly doesn't want to spend the rest of her
  7. I beg to differ. Leonard could easily hesitate about moving in with Penny if she asks him after suffering such an emotional set back such as having her arguably last chance at being a professional actress end badly. For all he knows she could just be asking him as a means of acting has an emotional bandage in order to make herself feel better about the situation instead of actually being ready for co-habitation with him. Leonard would want to be sure Penny is ready and actually WANTS to live with him. Especially after what happened last time. As for the Sheldon and Leonard. Leonard has rea
  8. I don't think Penny is going to ask Leonard why he loves her. Sure you can make the argument that it is an issue that's been floating in the air since the beginning but that kind of question, for this show at least would almost qualify as a deep philosophical question and this show doesn't normally dig that deep. While it might be nice for Penny to have more success with her acting, the writing has been on the wall for sometime that acting as a profession isn't going to be a viable option for her. She clearly knows it given that she's gone back to school and she exploring other areas of in
  9. For Penny co-habitation is a big deal. Every single major step in their relationship has always been a major deal for her. They always have her being very cautious and hesitant to take their relationship to the next level. From agreeing to simply go out with him for the first time right up to the the first mutual exchange of "ILY's". They've broached the co-habitation before with Penny revealing that she was simply wasn't ready for the relationship to go to that stage yet. The next step is for her to be ready to live with Leonard. This follows the exact pattern that show has established. G
  10. I'm guessing that Penny asks Leonard to move in with her. It's the next logical step in their relationship.
  11. Penny was being super defensive because she felt really stupid about what happened. I watched the episode and Leonard was hardly pestering her to the level she was saying he was, and really, even if he was, she would have been more than deserving of it given how majorly she gaffed here. Also lets not kid ourselves on this either, had the shoe been on the other foot she would have flipped out on him and behaved way more obnoxious towards him than he did to her. As for my thoughts on the Christmas spoilers Penny imagining dating a swagged out Stuart makes sense given that without Shel
  12. DPK


    Stars choosing not to do commercials has nothing to do with not wanting the money or even not needing the money. That decision has more to do with fact that it is generally frowned upon because most actors who are at the level of being television/movie stars already have enough money as it is that and the perception is that the endorsement is a hollow one and tacky. The other reason is that when a major television or movie star takes a commercial gig, it takes that spot away from unknown who could actually use the money, and the majority of the big names started their careers out doing commerc
  13. DPK


    Kaley is by far the most marketable of the TBBT cast. It's pretty much a fact that when it comes to commercials, women, more specifically young attractive women sell better than just about anything else. That is why there are companies that want her to do commercials and host other programs. There have been other major stars of popular shows that have done commercials, it's just that right now Kaley is in the ideal spot for these companies, she's popular enough that her image can help sell whatever the company is pimping without having to shell out an obscene amount of money for the use of her
  14. It's also important because when it comes to television and movies the golden rule is: Show, don't tell.
  15. I get this but at the same time the writers job is to sell me on the idea this couple not only should be together but that their relationship makes sense and is one that can last. That is not something I can get 100 percent behind if all I see on screen is conflict. Now I am willing to give some leeway in the fact that is this is a sitcom and comedy most of the time comes from the conflict or contrast, on a intellectual I completely understand that fact, but I do need to see moments where these characters don't have to compromise in order for me to buy into the relationship as a whole. This i
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