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  1. I am starting to get a little offended by Sheldon's constant belittling not only of Leonard's intelligence but of his work. Sheldon really has no room to talk because its not like he's making any major contributions to his field either. Ironically out of all the characters Howard is actually the most successfull in his career. Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj are all in "research hell". Sheldon's method of teaching Penny pretty much how to insult her BF's work only serves to make me unsympathetic towards him whenever he suffer's humiliation. He pretty much earns it. I can't get behind the whole "Sheldon is just being Sheldon". To me that simply serves to excuse and not hold him accountable for any dickish behavior he displays. I really want to see Sheldon get put in his place career wise.
  2. I've been noticing a lot of Leonard hate lately. He's being villified for every little thing he does. He did nothing wrong in regards to Howard. Howard was being an insecure ass and threating, what is Leonard supposed to do in that situation?! Seriously, its not like Leonard was hitting on her. As far as humiliation in the lab, was it not Howard who when Leonard's mom was in town last made him uncomfortable by bringing up his brother and sister and how much more successfull they were then him and got Leonard's mother to talk about it right in front of him and then mocked him for it after he left.
  3. There's a huge difference between L/P relationship taking over the show and not doing anything at all. I don't want the relationship to take over the show but I also don't want this relationship reduced to a mere prop that barely exists and thats pretty much whats happened...whats the point of even bringing these two together then? There has to be developement or else there's no audience investment in the pair, great sitcom writers know how to achieve the proper balance but these writers seem to have absolutely no interest in developing the pair. We are almost half-way through the season and we've next to nothing of real development for these two.
  4. The honeymoon phase shouldn't last for an entire season though. Thats just ridiculous. The fact is the writers aren't doing anything with the couple and its a problem that is going to need to be rectified if they want the audience to root for the pair.
  5. The episode was good. I would have enjoyed Penny sticking up for her relationship with Leonard a lot more if it hadn't been done in such a backhanded fashion. It almost makes it seem like she isn't attracted to Leonard at all is in fact settling for him because she doesn't believe she'll ever find a nice guy who's "attractive".
  6. Penny has street smarts whereas the guys have book smarts.
  7. I personally don't see how any objective person could think L/P relationship has gotton too much screentime in regards to the relationship taking over the show. All the season three episodes so far have been pretty balanced in terms of storylines. L/P relationship has barely been at the forefront at all. I'd actually argue that if TPTB want their audience to embrace this couple that they need to start doing more to develope the two as a couple. We're going to be 12 episodes into the new season and we've yet to see L/P out(just the two of them, no third party involved)on a date. It almost makes me believe that TPTB don't have faith in their shows couple that they feel they need to include a third and sometimes fourth wheel into the mix.
  8. I'd classify Kaley as cute more than anything else.
  9. Actually, I've spoken with someone who attended the filming of the episode and that the episode is mainly Sheldon/Penny in the one storyline with Howard/Bernadette/Leonard in the other. Leonard/Penny do get a scene together but other than that is primarily Sheldon/Penny. Also according to my source neither Raj nor Leonard have much screentime in this episode which seems kind of odd IMO.
  10. Lets look at a definition and see if it gives any hints at what we might expect to happen. con·gru·ence (knggr-ns, kn-gr-) n. 1. a. Agreement, harmony, conformity, or correspondence. b. An instance of this: "What an extraordinary congruence of genius and era" (Rita Rack). 2. Mathematics a. The state of being congruent. b. A statement that two quantities are congruent. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- congruence [ˈkɒŋgrʊəns], congruency n 1. the quality or state of corresponding, agreeing, or being congruent 2. (Mathematics) Maths the relationship between two integers, x and y, such that their difference, with respect to another positive integer called the modulus, n, is a multiple of the modulus. Usually written x ≡ y (mod n), as in 25 ≡ 11 (mod 7) I have to think it has something to do with Sheldon and Leonard's mom. Their characters are cut from a very similar cloth.
  11. Thats the whole point though. Unfortunately the shows producers are going to lead the Sheldon/Penny supporters on in this manner. I personally think its cruel but it does get people taking and thats what they want.
  12. I was expecting the Sheldon/Penny stuff to be great and the Leonard, Howard, and Raj portion to be boring as hell. Imagine my surprise when the boys camping trip turned out to be the best part of the episode. The Sheldon/Penny stuff was predictable all the way through. The only real surprise for me was that with all the "hero" talk that Penny didn't call Sheldon her hero by the end. I especially figured it would happen when Penny was all drugged up and out of her mind. But I'm sure the Shenny shippers are plenty happy with this episode regardless. IMO the funniest part was at the very end with Raj and Leonard giving Howard crap about losing his virginity to his cousin. That was awesome.
  13. I'd like to see Kevin Kline as Leonard's dad. John Goodman as Penny's dad. I too, wouldn't mind seeing Kristen Bell on the show, although getting her might be difficult given that her movie career is begining to grow big. I'd also like to see Ellen Page as Leonard's sister. Another potential tough get given her career in films.
  14. I hardly call Sheldon acknowledging Penny's attractiveness as a sign that he isn't asexual. He merely states it in the same manner that he mentions that men find his twin sister actractive. That clip while funny showed no signs of him experiencing any kind of arousal at the situation. It's meant to be played for laughs and boy is it funny.
  15. The Sheldon/Penny stuff looks good but then again it usually always is given that they are the shows "Odd Couple". The fact that they didn't show any of the Leonard, Howard, and Raj plot tells me that their portion of the episode is going to be boring as hell. The Shenny shippers are going to have a field day with this episode.
  16. There is a trust issue here and reasonably so because lets not forget that Leonard had to essentially dig the info out of her that the guy was in fact an ex bf. Not only was Penny going to let the guy crash on her couch she also had no intention of even telling Leonard that the guy in question was in fact an ex. Thats messed up and while Leonard certainly doesn't own Penny and can't run her life they are in a relationship and its simply reasonable to expect that she should have discussed this with him well before he was coming to town. ETA: It's just common sense and showing your significant other some respect. Penny just casually dropped this information on Leonard at the last minute. I still say she should have known better.
  17. Alright tonights episode was pretty good and I'm willing to not be as critical of the fact that it took a very contrieved scenario to get Leonard and Penny to have their fight. Although I will clarify this point later. The big thing here is that for the first time this season a plot was given the proper amount of attention. Having Leonard and Penny fight is a big deal and for this event to have to share the episode with a smaller B plot just wouldn't cut it. Tonights episode was important on multiple levels. It was important for the Leonard/Penny relationship to have this major conflict and work through it but it was also a big step forword for Leonard's character. Leonard didn't back down, he held his ground and he continually stuck up and defended his position against Penny. This is a pretty big deal IMO because season one Leonard would have been begging for Penny's forgiveness by the end of it all. This shows some real developement for him and I hope this trend continues. Leonard's confidence needs building and this is a step in the right direction. Penny was in the wrong here. You don't invite an ex boyfriend to crash on your couch after recently entering into a new romantic relationship with another guy and expect said guy to be A ok with that arrangment. It just isn't happening and frankly I was a bit dissappointed in Penny because she generally should know better than that. This is the part that I felt was a bit contrieved because I just don't buy that the Penny we've seen over the last two years would actually do this, this totally felt like an arbitrary set up in which Penny does something stupid that could only lead to a confrontation between her and Leonard. That being said I'm glad they were able to work things out but I'm not happy that we didn't get a scene specifically showing them apologizing to one another and attempting to come up with a solution together...then cut to Sheldon and Justin on the couch. I thought it was quite nice to see a different side of Sheldon. They really are humanizing him a lot this season. Howard and Raj were in this just enough. Granted I think the whole erstwhile homosexual relationship thing is begining to get old it guess it did give the characters something to do while all the craziness was happening. All in all a solid episode.
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