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    Season 6 spoilers

    She's the surrogate mother/sister to him. All these moments are conversations that would happen either between a parent and child or siblings.
  2. Those threads are about pairings that are official show canon and are currently happening. This thread was opened with the idea that it was going to be a safe haven for the few romantically inclined shippers of a non canon Shenny who frequent this board.
  3. The original starter of this thread(Annieology)did so because she didn't like what she perceived as unfriendly waters toward people who ship Sheldon/Penny as a romance. She's specifically wanted this thread as place for her and any other fellow romantic Shenny-shippers(which currently on this board is two people, her and Doug)to be able to discuss a romantic pairing between the two without having to wade through other peoples comments about how it isn't going to happen or why it doesn't work. This thread is "supposed" to be nothing but pro-romantic Shenny arguments, no disagreements allowed. Everybody over in the other thread were simply arguing against the two ever being romantically linked, and have no argument against the idea that they are friends/frenemies. The reason I made my point about the actors is that Nick was/is constantly using actor quotes as a kind of appeal to authority argument for the romance to not happen. This of coarse doesn't work because Kaley, Johnny, and the other actors don't have any authority to dictate what happens to their characters romantic or otherwise. Kaley could absolutely despise the idea of Sheldon and Penny hooking up, but if the writers were to happen to decide to go in that direction there isn't jack squat she can do to stop it.
  4. It really doesn't matter how Kaley or any of the other actors feel about it or any other pairing for that matter pro or con. None of them has any say in the directions that their characters take. There is another thread entitled Sheldon and Penny Maybe where the question of whether or not the show is going to go there. That's the thread where the all the "No way Jose" responses are supposed to go. This thread is supposed to be for the people who support the idea being free to discuss it without having to argue in favor of it. In other words this thread is not supposed to be filled with any anti-Shenny sentiment.
  5. The promo makes it look like a fun episode. I hope TBBT theory never does a musical. I'm so sick and tired of the idea that every show has to devote one of their episodes as a musical. It's a trend that needs to go away.
  6. It could go either way. While I agree the storyline didn't feel like it had complete closure as far as Alex goes you have to keep in mind that the writers of this particular show do have a history with dropping story lines without giving full closure. Dr. Stephanie is a prime example of this happening. She appeared for a few episodes and was promptly never mentioned again. These are also the same writers who didn't bother giving Leonard and Priya onscreen break up, it only got a brief mention in the following episode with Leonard's throw away line of "being single and not needing this crap" when he left Sheldon to take care of Amy's emotional needs. If she does come back I think it will probably be done to bring whatever closure there needs to done with L/P/A triangle. With an onscreen scene of Leonard telling her he's flattered but that he loves Penny. I think that will be last appearance of the character because I really don't think the writers intend to pair her with Raj. Raj's problems go deeper than just his selective mutism.
  7. Agreed. I also feel the lack of any real Sheldon and Penny interactions this season has a lot to do with TPTB firing back against the aggressive Shenny shippers. It's really the only way to make their point in a fashion that these people can see/hear. Given the dismayed reactions from said people it's working.
  8. This was a pretty episode. Nobody has foot in their mouth disease like Sheldon does, thankfully it's funny most of the time. The writers have done a lot to put Leonard and Penny on even footing. This episode see's Penny admit to Leonard that she's afraid of losing him to another women who's not only pretty but smart as well. Both have said "ILY" to one another. Both have admitted that have insecurities of losing the other to somebody else. The couch scene was awkward but that was due to the very poor blocking of the scene. Kind of surprises me because the director of most episodes Mark Cendrowski usually does a much better job with the over all blocking of the scenery. I could just as well chalk it up to editors choice camera shot as well. Who knows, Alex might be back, she might not. The writers of this program do have a history of dropping a storyline without much notice after a few episodes. Leonard didn't discourage her but he also didn't encourage her either. This episode marks the first time he even became aware of Alex being genuinely into him so he hasn't actually had the chance discourage her from anything. The scene cuts away before we can find out how Leonard actually responded or what he said to her after he realized that she was asking him out on date. The writers have been very consistent with Leonard when it comes to him being with Penny. He's never strayed when he's been with her so it's highly unlikely that Leonard is going to cheat on Penny or that the writers are going in that direction.
  9. Agreed. Shenny is something that simply would not work because WAY too much water has passed under the bridge regardless of how you slice. Shamy working isn't some miracle. It works because Amy was specifically designed to be Sheldon's girlfriend. It was pretty clear from day of her introduction that if Sheldon was ever going to have a girlfriend that Amy was going to be that girl.
  10. I think the show has for the most part established that Leonard and Penny have a pretty robust on enjoyable sex life. Penny's comments to Amy regarding Leonard's prowess in the bedroom: "he really tries", which has been brought up a few times by others, is very much out an out of character moment done for a cheap laugh and should be dismissed as an continuity error on the part of the writers. Over the coarse of multiple episodes over the seasons past Leonard has been established as being surprisingly good in the sack for someone who supposedly isn't as experienced as his partners most of the time. Not only has Penny made positive comments, but other female characters have as well. There's also the fact that both Howard and Sheldon have overheard the two having sex and both have commented on how loud they are. Even in the season three finale the woman who lives downstairs, underneath their apartment made a comment regarding this fact. So if there is that much noise happening(been confirmed by multiple independent sources)when they are gettin busy then they obviously are having a good time.
  11. I have to agree with this even though co-habitation would not only be the next logical step the progression of their relationship. As much as the writers seem to be moving forward with L/P relationship, I think they don't want to change things too drastically despite all the comedic potential that would come with the two of them of having Sheldon be part of the package that comes with them living together. I have a feeling the Penny living across the hall is going to be something that is going to be a staple of the show until the very end.
  12. Last I checked this thread simply posited a question of whether or not Sheldon/Penny are going to be romantically involved. Which implies that it is a topic open for discussion both pro and con. I don't see any rule that only pro-Shenny people are allowed to voice their opinions on the matter when it comes to this thread. With all due respect Annie, I don't think people are being scared away. I just think you and Doug are probably the only two registered members of this forum who are strong advocates for Shenny who post in this thread on a regular basis. If you really want a thread that's strictly a pro-Shenny thread where you, Doug and maybe a few stragglers can discuss the ship then by all means create one. This is not the thread for it. This thread is asking a question, which means you don't get to have a safe haven of only like minded people.
  13. So your standards are essentially if any of the characters who are in a relationship converse with someone of the opposite sex and they seem to get along with that other person this is somehow evidence of the two characters conversing being hooked up in the future. That's reaching and stretching of an incredible magnitude. If that logic was what sitcom writers followed, most of these shows would be even more messed up than they already are a lot of the time. Once Amy got what she wanted out of Raj, which was simply to feel like she was wanted just like her gal pals, she had no qualms about wanting to leave that club and go home to the person she really wants to be with, which is Sheldon. The only thing that might come out of the Amy/Raj bonding thing is that like Bernadette and Penny they might have a semblance of a friendship whereas before they were little more than acquaintances.
  14. Except for the fact that all Amy wanted was for Raj to want her a bit like he did with Penny and Bernadette. Once that was accomplished she was perfectly content to return to Sheldon. So Raj/Amy certainly isn't on the table in any form other than friendship.
  15. I didn't find this episode to be that memorable at all.
  16. This is completely irrelevant. Those characters can be ninety-nine percent like Sheldon but that 1 percent difference is all the matters when it comes to having a legitimate argument. Because the show has established that Sheldon's romantic interest wasn't sparked by a "wise-cracking woman". It was sparked by a woman who's intellect and passion for science rivaled his own. Again you continue to gloss over the shows own canon and attempt to cite outside sources that don't have any relevancy to the topic because they aren't cut from the same cloth.
  17. One thing that annoyed me about the Dr. Plimpton situation was how Penny said: "We broke up". I was like, excuse me but you dumped him. There was nothing mutual about it, so she really had no place in criticizing him for it especially given how she has historically behaved after her break ups with the 36 hours of meaningless sex.
  18. Probably because they don't like the drama that comes with it. Unfortunately the Leonard and Penny dynamic does come with some...I'll admit annoying melodrama but that is part of the package because they are put together as the romantic pairing and when deeper emotional feelings are involved like they are here, you're not always going to get pure comedy from it. This mixture is standard when it comes to sitcom pairings that are romantic in nature. Whereas Sheldon and Penny is played purely for laughs and because of that their interactions can be a little more fun to watch because it's a lighter atmosphere. There's no drama there to drag the proceedings down at times. I can completely understand why there are people who prefer watching the Sheldon/Penny scenes, but the flip side to this is that because there is no drama, that means the relationship is not meant to be anything more than what it is, which is the confrontational friendship that has always been there. Again, it's been said before but it bears repeating, to pair Sheldon and Penny up romantically would require the complete change in the dynamic of their relationship and you would in fact LOSE almost everything that made the relationship as it has been portrayed so fun to begin to watch in the first place. Let's also not forget the television and movies are two different mediums. A movie typically has a couple of hours with which to tell the story or sell the relationship. That means things movie an much more accelerated pace. A television series such as TBBT has multiple season with which they have to tell their story and sell the relationships. It completely changes the dynamics and how relationships will be perceived.
  19. DPK

    Season 6 spoilers

    I agree but this show isn't very good when it comes to things like this, call backs don't happen that often. I would not surprised if them arguing over the comics is a one time thing and then they'll be back to bashing the guys interest in them.
  20. DPK

    Season 6 spoilers

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a memorable episode. I like the girls arguing over comics. For how much grief that they give the guys over being into them to see the girls get caught up in it is going to be great. It's just too bad this will probably the only time will see something like this.
  21. That is the face of man with a mission. A mission he intends on following through to the very end.
  22. I don't think it would be possible for Beverly to feel bad about that. She believes that way way she brought up Leonard and his siblings was perfectly fine. It's not about how she feels, it's about Leonard being able to finally let go a realize that her opinion of him doesn't matter. He needs to tell she did a crappy job but that despite that he doesn't care anymore, that he doesn't need validation from her.
  23. Both of them are manipulative. This is the same guy who earlier flat out tells Amy that wrote the relationship agreement in such a way that it favors primarily himself. Sheldon isn't some angel here, he manipulates or at least tries to manipulate situations to his advantage all the time not only with Amy but with the others. They are both equal in that regard.
  24. I don't see why Shamy fans would even want it given the fact that the song has been established as something that is between Sheldon and his mom or a mother surrogate(Penny). I would think the fact that he hasn't sang it to her is actually a good thing because it means he views Amy in a different light from his mom and Penny. Amy is his girlfriend while his mom is his mom and Penny is simply a friend/mom substitute.
  25. I wouldn't view Penny's lack of little comments as a negative. I understand why it would be viewed as a nice thing to see/hear. I'll agree that the way both Bernadette and Amy throw those little things to show the audience that they love their respective men is endearing. Penny is very different from both those girls. The thing is that kind of stuff has never been Penny's style. When it comes to her relationship with Leonard she's always been fairly guarded when it comes to talking about it. Penny's much more physical and when she is expressive in words she usually goes big. That's just the way she is and has always been. I think the big thing the writers need to start doing with this pairing and hopefully now that she's dropped the L-bomb and Leonard is more comfortable and secure in the relationship they need to start showing them enjoying more things and outings together.
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