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    Season 6 spoilers

    This episode seems really week. Not very funny in the least. He damn well should. P.S. I'm not buying that Leonard would turn down a night of sex with Penny for a game of DnD. Not even with the spin of "he's becoming more secure in his relationship with Penny post ILY from her" on it.
  2. I don't think we can say anything about whether or not this episode being an original five episode had anything to do with it's high ratings. Because that would entail that we knew for certain that everybody who saw the promo assumed the episode was going to have just the original five characters. There's no way to determine that. What I can say is that the episode on the whole worked a lot better with just the original five because of how it was structured. It did give a little bit more of extra time to both of the storylines because they didn't have divy up the dialog in order to fit the two extra characters into the plot. While Melissa and Mayim are solid peformers, they still come after the original five when it comes to the totem pole and if an episode is going to work better without having to find a way to fit their characters into it I really hope the writers continue to exclude them every now and again. Besides, it's not like it's going to be like that for a lot of episodes as both actresses pretty much have full season contracts but I'd say 2 to 3 episodes without them if it helps in the way it did here is not only reasonable, I would think it should be expected. Even the actresses themselves know that as well.
  3. Not really, remember from her point of view it's "ok when she does it".
  4. I disagree with the notion that Alex was being subtle. It's not that she was subtle, it was that Leonard was simply dense about the fact that this attractive female scientist was blantantly coming on to him. What makes it bad is that she shouldn't have been coming on to him at all. She knew he had a girlfriend and she knew that he was having some issues with going on with the relationship. In that scenario you don't start hitting on the guy. Any normal guy with any amount of self confidence would have recognized the flirting and come ons for what they were but Leonard is dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  5. It's really too bad they had to take Alex down this road. She was a likable character.
  6. Exactly. Non of those situations were altruistic on Sheldon's part nor had anyting to do with Penny valuing Sheldon's opionion of her personally. Especially her first attempt to learn what Leonard did, Penny asking for Sheldon's help with understanding physics had absolutely nothing to do with valuing Sheldon's opinion of her and everything to do with wanting to be able to understand what Leonard does so that she could talk to him about it because when she saw Bernadette take interest(even though she was dating Howard)in his work and was able to actually talk to him about it, it stired jealousy in Penny. She just made the horrid mistake of asking the one person she probably shouldn't have to try and teach her some things.
  7. Which again shows she values Leonard's opinion of her far more than she ever does Sheldon's. Which means her emotional feelings for Leonard are far greater and unlike Sheldon she actually puts stock in what he thinks. Which serves to disprove Shenny even more so than it already has been. Bottom line is if the writers were really going there or planned to, they would have started laying the ground work for it by now and they haven't. They only continue to reinforce both L/P and S/A.
  8. What Penny brings into his life is something that he really hasn't got from any of the other women he's been with...Excitement. Because Penny is different from not only him but from the other women he has been with, it adds a level of unknowness and that leads to potential discoveries. As a guy and as a scientist this type of stimulation is very powerful and serves as a strong motivational force that appeals to both his intellectual and emotional/sexual sides. This is why despite the notion that Penny may be too different for him he's always gravitated toward her and why despite the seemingly more capatiblity with the other women, those relationships have fizzled out and he has little to no contact with those women any longer. While it's true that having little in common is usually bad for the odds of longevity in a romantic relationship. Having too much in common can be just as bad because it takes away the very thing that can makes relationships exciting in the first place and can eventually lead to stagnation and boredom.
  9. DPK

    Season 6 spoilers

    I would classify what happened in the most recent episode as a conflict as well. I also agree that the writers need to balance that out a bit with showing them enjoying each others company like in they were a couple of episodes ago. I don't foresee another break up for these two, like it's already been mentioned they already went down that road and besides that it would require them splitting the show up and having it be the girls in one storyline and the guys in another. It simply wouldn't be feasable for L/P to remain friends again if they had another break up, it was already borderline and awkward the first time, a second time just isn't credible at that point. Despite the constant comparisons Leonard and Penny are not Ross and Rachel. They'll continue to have conflicts and occasional fights but that is normal. In fact anybody who's been in a long term relationship will tell you that, despite what would normally be seen as a positive, if you are not having an occasional fight or spat with your partner that you should actually be concerened because having that occasional row indicates that there is still a level of passion and emotional involvement between the two involved.
  10. Let me preface this by giving my apologies to any of the ladies who post here who might take offence, which is not my intention but it deals with a view that many a guy has in regards to the fairer sex. There are times when you ladies seem to make a really big fuss over trivial matters and it puts us guys in a tight spot because if we say anything or even simply attempt to ignore it gets us into even more trouble with you. Part of the statement that the writers were going for was that Amy isn't unlike many women in that regard. This time Sheldon was the one who got in trouble over it. Given his general social-relationship immaturity in the bf/gf paradigm it only heightened his troubles. While normal guys will get into some deep water for either trying to be diplomatic about it or simply ingnoring it, Sheldon outright says the worst possible thing he coud. Essentially throwing gasoline in an already big fire. It's funny to watch.
  11. I little bit yeah. But Penny has become much more absorbed into his world than he has in hers. I would argue that Leonard's increased confidence falls primarily in the area of his interaction with women and that is more due to the physical affection he's received by her than anything she's taught him about interacting in "normal world". In fact when it comes to general day to day interactions Leonard's never really had much problems. Sheldon is the one who's the "special ed project" and the one who needs the most help in this area. The main area he's benefitted the most from Penny is when it comes to his interaction with women.
  12. This is a very interesting post and I agree. But I also think that this season is building toward a shift in this current paradigm. I think a large part of Penny's insecurities and this most recent episode really highlighted it, is that Penny is aware or becoming aware that outside of the bedroom she's brings little to the relationship. When you actually look at it Leonard has more power economically, professionally, and ironically....socially. Leonard has more money, actually has a solid career that he enjoys and going by what the show shows us that Penny's social circle almost now consists soley of "his kind". These are all things that Leonard has brought into her life. The only place that Penny has any real power in the relationship is the sexual portion of it which goes a long why to explaining why she utilizes sex so much when it comes to Leonard. She uses it to placate him, she uses it when she thinks she's going to lose his affections toward another women, she also uses it as a distraction from commiting to anything deeper emotionally. All the barriers are slowing coming down for her. She obviously loves him and cares enough about him and the relationship that she wants to bring more to it than simply sex which is a large part of why she's so hesitant to say "ILY" to him. She really wants to be equal partners with him in all aspects but she's painfully aware that she's not. Which is why she hesitates and gets defensive when the issues of deeper commitment pop up between them. She's taking steps to remedy it, she's going back to school, she made an effort to understand who he is and what he does bettter than she had ever done so in the past. I expect the writers to continue to build on this as the season progresses. As it pertains to Shenny, she would never question nor go through the agony and efforts that she is for Leonard for Sheldon. When Sheldon insults her intellect and career and just about anything else about her, she usually has a snappy comeback and really doesn't get overly rattled about it. When Leonard says something that might be construed in the same mannor she flips out and gets very emotional about it, the most recent episode highlighted this very thing. Why because unlike Sheldon she truely cares about how Leonard sees her. As much as people seem to get on Leonard's case for being needy/clingy, when it comes to Leonard, Penny is just as bad in this regard. Which only furthor provides evidence that the writers aren't going the route of Shenny, not now and not down the road either.
  13. Doesn't really matter if Priya was a great straightman or not. The character was largely unpopular by the time she left the show. The fanbase was vocal about it and I think it's pretty telling that they haven't brought her back when they could have easily done so by now.
  14. That and the fact that once by the time Priya left the show she was very unpopular anyway. Like Sheldon's twin sister Missy, I don't think we'll be seeing her again.
  15. The big problem with the way that the writers are writing L/P(the conflict portion of their relationship)but really this is something that has been a problem from the the get go when it comes to these two. The problem isn't that there are "issues" in the relationship because all romantic relationships have bumps every once in awhile and if written well can be a good thing and add to the overall show. This issue is that the writers have never really been able to make the conflicts between L/P entertaining. It usually makes one or both of the characters, such as in this last episode look badly and on the whole drags the episode down a bit. I've never spoken with a fan(who didn't have bias against the relationship)of the show who was like: "Man last night that fight between Leonard and Penny was awesome and we need to see more of that". Contrast that to say Sheldon and Amy and when they have conflicts. The writers on the whole have done a good job with make those entertaining and funny to boot. So I don't mind watching those two in conflict whereas with L/P, I begin to cringe because I know the writers are going to drown those two in passive-agressive melodrama. I don't know who wants to watch that? I don't know who that is for? Not me I'll tell you.
  16. They both came off badly in this instance. Just for different reasons.
  17. Both Leonard and Penny came off badly in this episode. Just for different reasons. Leonard for not respecting the boundaries that Penny laid out for him regarding this issue. Penny for the blatant hypocrisy of throwing a grade in Leonard's face that she didn't earn on her own after the tantrum she threw at Leonard in the bedroom. This is one of those times where I wish the writers would have taken the high ground, either shown briefly or simply mentioned that Penny rewrote that paper on her own and had that B- be something she really earned. That would have made the storyline worth it. The whole goal of the storyline was to get Leonard to back off and let Penny decide if she wants his help academically. A victory for Penny, but one stained with deceit.
  18. I don't think so, if this was really a deal breaker she wouldn't have mocked him the way she did. As for the not speaking to him for a few days, I would think that would be normal. It happens in real life all the time between couples. One person does something that makes the other person mad as hell. They don't speak to the other person for a few days until they can cool down and then they go back.
  19. Just because they are the main couple doesn't mean they are going to break up in the future. On again/Off again isn't the only established way that main couple are written in sitcoms are any other style of show for that matter. People just seem to asume that just because a couple has issues from time to time that it automatically portends a break up in the future. That's not how the writers are writing them this time around, they are still giving L/P issues but unlike before they are getting over these humps intact as a couple. That's not how you do things if the intention is breaking them up. A couple of years ago the incident that happened in this episode along with some of the other ones that happened earlier and toward the end of season five would most likely ended their relationship. The writers are going about this differently than they have in the past. Sheldon and Amy are written in a way in which their relationship prorgesses but does so at a very slow place, theoritically they could probably drag it out to the very end I think it's highly probable that they will.
  20. Penny's imitation of Leonard was prettty bad actually, but I think that was intentional. Everything we've seen and been told regarding Penny's acting abilities are that they're lacking.
  21. Are you psychic now? You know for a fact that Leonard and Penny are breaking up?
  22. Leonard did screw up here. He should have for better or worse let Penny pass or fail on the merit or lack of merit of her original paper. That being said Penny was a real bitch tonight though. Her mocking of Leonard and bullying of Amy and Bernadette didn't set high marks for her character. Yes she had a right to be mad at Leonard for what he did but it isn't like he did what he did to spite her in any real way. He was genuinely trying to spare her from hitting an emotional low had her paper gotten a bad grade because he knows she isn't completly happy with where her life has gone. Had Penny's original paper gotten that B- then the storyline would have had a real pay-off but the fact that Bernadette and Amy rewrote the paper that got that grade it just makes her look bad. As per the prediction of break up time for them because of this incident. You can keep wishing, just because issues arise doesn't mean a break up is on the horizon. Especially when you consider that something like this would have broken these two up a couple of years ago. One thing the writers are doing that is despite given L/P bumps in the round they are having them work through them instead of having them cause a complete hault to the relationship.
  23. DPK

    Season 6 spoilers

    This episode sounds like it will quite the riot. Thanks for the report. I really like how Sheldon is essentially tricked into giving his spot to Howard. On a second note, even though it doesn't surprise me given how notorious this show and sitcoms in general are when it comes to things like this...no follow up to the major ILY moment from last week. Kind of annoying when shows like this do something major like that and then act like nothing happened in the next episode.
  24. I can tell you when it comes to being a writer in the entertainment industry, when you get on a hit show like TBBT and put in some decent time in on such a show you can then decide where you want to go career wise. Working on the show like that will give you a notable pedigre that often will not only get you other gigs but sometimes can lead to getting production deals. Just look at people like Jane Espension, David Fury, Marti Noxon, and David Greenwalt. These were all people who started out as staff writers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Most of them moved up and either got exeuctive producer credits, directing credits, or even got show creatiion deals themselves. The thing with the quality of the big bang theory writers is that singularly none of them are fantastic writers by a longshot. The fact that most of the teleplay credits are credited to two to three of them will tell you so, then you often throw in the story credit on top of that. What it tells you is TBBT is very much a team oriented sitcom when it comes to the writing.
  25. While Leonard wasn't thrilled that this happened, he has put that incident behind him is because he was in a committed relationship with Priya at the time the incident occured and both Raj and Penny were single. He really can't hold that against them and technically no real betrayal had occured from either Raj nor Penny. Priya on the other hand legitimately cheated on him. She had sex with an ex while in a committed albeit long distance relationship with him.
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