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  1. HIMYM was a flippin' disaster! Wanna see a better full version? http://vimeo.com/90640083
  2. It felt very disjointed and it seemed a miss without Sheldon and Howard being in the livingroom. LOVED Raj for burning Penny too. I still dont like how Penny always acts like she is better than Leonard. Figure it out or just get out. I did like the scenes with Laurie and Jim of course, especially the last one. I thought it was good to see Howard and Sheldon getting along and spending so much time together. So two weeks off?
  3. They are risking it. Two years, you have an option for more but cementing a 3 yr deal with no way out. Its dangerous because it can overstay its welcome. Many shows have overstayed and it could happen for TBBT too. I'm not thrilled because I dont want this show to go to ruins..but whatever. And TAAHM...ARE YOU FRICKEN kidding me??? Die show, DIE.
  4. I was a loyal watcher of this show. I miss Uncle Phil so much and its just a huge blow to lose James this way. They had a storyline of him having a heart attack too. ;(
  5. It has its moments of not being great but last night was excellent so I'm not complaining. Ive been a fan for a while too. Only 9 more episodes before the show ends though.
  6. I love Mayim but what was she thinking with that dress? Doesnt suit her at all!
  7. well that was 38 minutes wasted!! I'm done watching now!
  8. Amy should stay for like EVER!
  9. omg! you guys are making me WANT to crack and cave in. Argh! I've been spoil free for over a year. What do I do?? I heard it from a friend who went to the taping too so its like..dammit! Hmmm. HELP!
  10. Yeah it actually does because its not considered 'canned laughter' and we've heard Bill defend the show not having canned laughter. Other shows do the whole canned laughter thing and you can totally tell on some of the shows. If you go back and TBBT in previous seasons and this you will notice that none of the laughter is repeated.
  11. i gotta duck out of here because you are spoiling (which you are in the right thread to do) but I am trying to stay spoiler free this season. take care. :D
  12. In editing those scenes that are not done live but pre tape they space it out so they can have some of the laughter in it. Like I said the only doctoring they ever have to do it slice down the laughter or use certain laughter from that particular taping that fits better with that spacing. Its a huge process and not easy unless you are a professional. But know for sure it is the audience of THAT week's laughter, not canned. If you watch like Friends or Home Improvement you will hear a certain individual laughing that seems to have been recorded and used in other shows. I wish I could show you or explain but if you listen to the laughter only on TBBT you will never hear repeated certain laughings. Do you get what I mean? Its hard to explain really.
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