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  1. Really enjoyed the show last night, especially Sheldon's eerie musical instrument (theramin?) used in the scary movies of the 50's which made them scarier. The show was a nice change from the BBT alleged version of hot sweaty sex.....Was worried they were turning into a Peyton Place.....for the younger crowd....Sex In The City..... Probably could get away with a lot more in dreams!! Can't 'X' it out because it's not really there !! Use a hunk ie. a Chippendale dancer type if you want to convince us of some great sex scene.....in dreams of course !! Then I'll believe it's butter!
  2. I missed the show last night......we had a shooting near the mall which tied up traffic for hours. What'd I miss? More romance stuff? Keep the romance surreal like ....dreams......Amy/Sheldon kinda romance.....verbal....no touching... These are intellectuals.....not daytime soap.......
  3. Do not vote anything for Sheldon. We don't want him turning into a Charlie Sheen. Let's keep Sheldon's ego in tact ! He's a paid employee among his fellow co workers.
  4. BBT is mentioned in my book as I am sitting in front of my TV with my cat in my lap. It's memoirs of my life, starting in the house I grew up in on the border of San Marino. Yes, I'm near Pasadena. There's a picture of it in the book...6111 Monterey Road. The books is called "Dancing My Way To Sanity". I've been told it has sold over 1,000 copies first week. It was supposed to be just an E-Book but can be ordered in hard back or paperback from Xlibris. No I didn't mention when a bunch of us girls from PCC did a panty raid at at Cal Poly......the boys sure were upset !! Keep up the fantastic show BBT !!
  5. I think the romance on the show is very funny! Like Amy gossiping she had sex with Sheldon, then Raj asking the others if they realized they really did it!!! That, to me, is BBT romance!
  6. You're scary but good.....can you goggle me? I live in an apartment building near the Honolulu Zoo. I've been to Argentina.....bet I could find your house !!
  7. I love the surprises in the show from week to week......everyone seems to compliment one another. Out of curiosity, who chose the books in the background of the lecture room in the show last night? Was that a contest to see whose book would be seen? Was very interesting combination! More Amy and Bernadette !! Less Penny and Raj's sister!
  8. Howard and Bernadette? No problem! What in the world are they going to do with Howard's mother? Maybe they can put her in a fancy retirement center with all the luxuries she could possibly imagine!!
  9. Love the show when everyone gets in their two cents worth.. Sheldon with his bar codes......ha ha....keep up the surprises !! Who needs to see Howard's mother when Raj can imitate her perfectly?!
  10. I guess I must have missed last night's episode the first time around....very funny.....Raj and his enibriated telescope theory! Mahalo to you Raj too. Hope you were able to contact a higher species out there somewhere !
  11. I wouldn't want anything connected to Charlie against my body! He's a masochist to keep returning to a show where he gets no respect, no love. He's just a paycheck for the rest of the '2 1/2 Men' greed mongers. You let fame go to your head and have become too self destructive. "Quit the show Charlie and do something where you call the shots!" You're too typical of a Virgo. Remembering Michael Jackson, also a Virgo who should have quit while he was ahead !
  12. Imaginary romance is great ! But I agree, there's enough boring romantic sitcoms out there for the die-hard romantic hopefuls. A big star for "Jordy's" appearance last week and one for Amy's toothbrush...oops...forgot his name!!
  13. This is a sitcom, folks.....not a soap opera. There's nothing more boring than two people bonding forming a romantic relationship. Look what happens to every show on TV where two people get together or have a baby, etc., ratings go down. So one gets killed or dies of some creepy disease. Ratings go back up! How about CSI Vegas! Grissom got married but bug travels around the world while his wife continues to be on the show. We never see him. Did you ever see Maris on Frasier? No! And Rose on 2 1/2 Men couldn't have the more perfect husband.....Mr. Manny Quinn.....quiet and stiff !!
  14. I have been to hundreds of fundraisers and you can't tell me there's no male prostitutes out there who will do anything for that "money" for their causes either for business or 'personal use' ! And I have never heard anyone refer to these "money" people as old and wrinkled while their hands reaching into their pockets. A bit hypocritical I would say! These "money" people are worshipped and revered. They control the world. Watch! One day someone is going to call you old and wrinkled and you may not even have any money to donate ! "My Dad Says" gets my vote for last night's chuckles !
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