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  1. Glad to hear that there will be a Season 5 of the TBBT but does anybody know when season 5 will be shown in the UK? I can't wait to see more episodes. thanks.
  2. Personally I think the show really works with ALL the cast members & a spin-off for me would be a total turkey.
  3. Into the Uk we only have 1 more episode of Series 3 left to watch & to be honest TBBT has got better & better:icon_cheesygrin: I can't wait to get the Series 3 DvD. By the way when will us Uk fans be able to see Series 4? I can only presume E4 will be showing them?
  4. Have just seen the good news about Season 3 being shown on E4 over in the Uk in Dec-FANTASTIC!!!!!
  5. Dear Geeks, I absolutely love TBBT & living in the Uk I can't wait to see the season 3 shown over here,I watch a lot of the episodes on Dvd when I can & enjoy all the characters How many episodes will there be in Season 3 by the way?
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