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  1. My husband and I never took a honeymoon and I decided I wanted to fly to Burbank and watch the BBT filming. We did that this last Tuesday (I wrote about it on my blog http://kateharperblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/what-cards-have-in-common-with-big-bang.html ) I was shocked that after getting the tickets, all the expense, hotel, rental car, going an hour early to stand in line in a parking garage forever, we were told we may not get in!!!! If anyone out there is thinking of flying to see this show, be forewarned. Luckily we were one of the last 16 people allowed in (because of no-shows). All was forgiven once we got in and 2 VIP's didn't arrive so we got their front row center seats...but boy were my ankles shaking there for a minute.
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