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  1. Well, actually Leonard CAN have dairy products, he just gets extremely foul smelling gas. As someone pointed out Raj talking in front of Penny on "Halo Night", and also he speaks while sitting right next to Leslie Winkle during the Physics Bowl. Another, is when they're helping Penny make Pennyblosoms and Sheldon refuses to drink coffee because of the caffeine, however in several episodes Sheldon drinks soda, and in episode two after being up all night cleaining Penny's apartment he wakes up and pours himself a cup of coffee. Without going into examples, Sheldon doesn't understand sarcasm, yet he makes sarcastic comments all the time.
  2. ladybug (kinda) What's the name of Howard's pet in World of Warcraft?
  3. I think Justin Long would be a cool guest star. Also as far as crossovers from other shows, Neil Patrick Harris as his character Barney from How I Met Your Mother meets Howard and takes him under his wing on a night of girl chasing would be hilarious.
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