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    Here in Mzansi we still make do with the tried and trusted technological titillation that is the Paraffin stove. ""Naturally"", only when we head for the great outdoors in search of fresh crocodile meat for the next BBQ or braai (pron. brr-eye and really roll those rrrs off your tongue) to use the colloquial term for the preparation of meat over hot glowing coals as opposed to flames whilst consuming ample quantities of your favourite tipple alcoholic or non alcoholic and look at me ma no punctuation.
  2. Your eyes lock. He/she is right there. You attempt to crack a smile although it feels rather more like your jaw is about to unhinge and crumble away. Heart pounding, pounding, aching, trying with every laboured beat to escape its prison and take flight. Tongue suddenly as dry as the barren desert, sticks to the roof of your mouth, undeniable is the threat of incoherent babble should you dare to attempt to speak. Hyperventilation. Pulse rate rockets perilously close to inviting an undesirable, probably fatal cardiac event. It feels as if the bottom of your stomach has suddenly been ripped away, revealing a deep, dark abyss into which you could plunge at any moment...... We've all been there to some extent, experienced Raj's trepidation in communicating with some quasi-god(s)/goddess(es). Yet somehow we overcame the odds and even lived to tell the tale! It's still very early days for TBBT here in Mzansi so while I attempt to avoid threads that might reveal too much too soon, I believe Raj brings a unique dimension to the show that would be lacking if he was able to chat to the ladies, making him more amor ac deliciae generis humani than even he might desire.
  3. Apathy. Boxer shorts. Corruption (public officials). Dentists (doing check-ups unbridled malevolent intent). Everwood. Infra-red traffic speed-checking equipment. Queue-hoppers. Smoking (cigarettes/cigars). Tobacco. Seriously though, I reckon Mzansi (RSA) could do with more caring and sharing folk doing less jeering and spearing of one another - violence is apparently the favoured/popular modern day response as soon as you don't get your way?! Boo!
  4. Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa. Although throughout the course of my life thus far, many an acquaintance, admirer and even some passers-by have randomly reasoned, solicitously suggested or even vehemently verbalized that I might not in fact be of earthly origin and could in fact have spewed forth from hitherto hidden habitation(s). Interesting theories, 'tis true.
  5. High Energy Double Dance Volume 8. 80's rule. Nuff said.
  6. Ant

    Nerd Test

    68% scored higher (more nerdy), 2% scored the same, and 30% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Not nerdy, but definitely not hip. I pretty much concur ...................
  7. EISH! (pron. Ay-shh) In South Africa we reserve this word for those rare moments when mere words fail to express either austere angst or ecstatic enjoyment regarding a particular topic. TBBT has literally only just begun in the land of Sunshine (we were spoiled with episode two of Season One just this week) and from what I've seen so far (in all aspects) this is one seriously EISH show. Viva TBBT, viva!
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