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  1. Greetings and welcome If you ever get a chance to go to El Paso, do it. Lovely place
  2. Salutations Now share some of what you're drinking
  3. Having heard Penny blurt that out in lastnight's episode, I for one think it's a keeper. So now to find out if anyone else agrees with me. "Oh Balls!" A keeper? Vote and respond.
  4. A parking lot in Hollywood 'somewhere'. Question: Where was Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper MSc, PhD. born?
  5. Bon jour Gogollum, Welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy it here
  6. In my opinion Two and a Half Men is a show that has somewhat stand-alone episodes. So you could in fact watch any random one and get what's happening. But that's only my opinion as it may not work that way for others. Ahem... proceed with caution. Yes... teresa with her great deals will be missed. You're welcome, Tripper, or Trip cause we're the bestest of friends from having only spoken twice to eachother!
  7. Wow... definitely some spam. But at least it's not pornography nor body parts enlargement... guess we can all be thankful for that. As for Two and a half Men... it's a show that stars Charlie Sheen (Wall Street, Platoon, Lucas, etc). For more info, check these out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_and_a_Half_Men http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_and_a_Half_Men Auguro che coloro aiuto come in America, questa mostra arie destra prima TBBT sullo stesso canale Buona lettura, Kyle
  8. Nah, as far as classic muscle cars go I'm more of a '69 Camaro guy myself. So no Impala, I love the show... but not that much.
  9. I'll one-up you there, Ruby... I live about 15 minutes away from Lawrence, Kansas... no joke.
  10. Amy Davidson: One Episode- Howard's cousin, or (an idea I agree with from others here) an overbaring, talks-a-lot love interest to Raj Two Episodes- A deaf/mute Physicist. Permanent Cast Member(Which I would love to see)- New neighbor. Ryan Stiles: Anything he wants to be David Spade: Eccentric reporter doing a CalTech article, wunderkind's idea about the crazy van-dwelling guy, or someone's uncle. April Bowlby: Penny's friend, physicist, or for a more long-term role combine one of the previous two into a new neighbor. Clint Howard: Sheldon's father (Cause I would love to see Clint Howard and Laurie Metcalf have at it angrily and battle it out verbally) Emmanuelle Vaugier: Golddigger who seduces Raj and Howard then takes a lot of their money while turning them against one another, or an interest in Sheldon's life that's not love just an arrangement of sorts. Seth MacFarlane: As anything he wants to be Andy Samberg: Howard's cousin who is genuinely good with the ladies. Just to name a few...
  11. Hey there, Ant, welcome to the boards, glad to have you and hope you enjoy
  12. Hosted by Drew Carey, this variety/game/perfect improvistaional show had an awesome cast and great guest stars. I love watching this show, anytime I do I just don't care how weird I look, I will laugh like a fool to the point of not breathing. Falling all over my livingroom, don't care, will end up under the television laughing cause even just listening to it... hilarity. So very, very many moments come from the show, one moment that comes to mind was when they were doing the game/scenerio/sketch of Sound Effects. Colin was acting out and Ryan was off to the side with a microphone. The theme was Old West, so as Colin was waddling, lol, yes, he waddled into the 'saloon', I expected some kind of creaking sound, but Ryan, in all his improving glory completely threw me off by literally speaking the actual word "Squeaky" in a rather monotone, blase tone. I'm man enough to admit I weaped like a little girl being told Santa Clause quit his job. The second one that comes to mind... one of the best routines ever I got just three words to say... ahem.... Richard.... Freakin... Simmons. If you haven't seen the Richard Simmons routine... I feel sad for your life. Go find it, watch it and realize just how much better your life is for that. Jet Ski! I'm laughing too hard to type. Share, people.
  13. If you've never seen the show, give it a few chances if you have the time. It's absolutely worth it, especially if you are a fan of the Paranormal. *****SPOILER ALERT***** *****SPOILER ALERT***** This is one of the better shows on now, in my opinion of course. Another show that has successfully made nomadic work properly. It's refreshing compared to the other shows out there that seem to be set in one central location. Don't get me wrong, some of my favorite shows have been central-localed, but the fact that they do travel around is wonderful. Though they have attempted to interject others into the highly workable duo of brothers, I for one am glad they haven't worked out on a permanent basis. Yes I do like Cas with them, but he's not as constant, so they're keeping with the general essence of the show. Though this last episode was definitely heartbreaking to say the least.
  14. Hello all, Name's Kyle, for the record I've never officially been in the band Menudo, but there are parts of my life I don't recall (Thank you Mr. Cuervo). As a writer, I spend a lot of time typing away on the computer... and again as a writer I find myself drifting to the internet and decided what better way of procrastination then to check out the site to one of my favorite shows. These things are always irrelevant cause likes, dislikes, hobbies, activities, so on and so forth change. There are some things that are constant in my life: Music (First and foremost), Writing, Culinary Arts, Martial Arts (No belts, just love the discipline and centering of it), Movies (I've seen too many to count), TV Shows (Duh), Instrumentalism (Musical instruments, it's not a metaphor), Bowling (Inherited from grandfather) and Sarcasm (I'm a professional) The rest, ah hell, maybe it'll come out later. Ciao, Kyle
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