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  1. What a great episode season 6 should be well worth waiting for. One question about episode 24 was it intentional to make the astronaut’s look like Buzz Light-year? Pete
  2. I think that considering the last post I think Robert Picardo would still make a good farther for Leonard. Pete
  3. But Leonard's brother is a lot taller than him. I don't know about the sister Ok I am now rethinking my position. If Ryan Stiles played Leonard's father it could lead to a few funny scenes about why is Leonard so short. Ryan Stiles looks too young compared to Christine Baranski to be Leonard's farther. Though going back to something posted earlier on this topic John Goodman as Leonard's farther seeing as he has left Leonard's mother for a Waitress the waitress could be Roseanne Barr now that would be good.
  4. Could they get Will Ferrell for Howards father and John Schneider as Penny's farther a role that he has already played in the past? Pete
  5. We have met Leonard's Mother we are going to meet his brother how about Robert Picardo as Leonard's Farther in a future episode? What do you think? Pete
  6. BRAVO BRAVO The best yet I'm sure the rest of this season will be as good if not better. Thank you Team Pete
  7. Where is Bernadette? Were has she gone? What has happened to her? Has Howard still got a girlfriend? Does anyone know what Bernadette's will happen with Howard's love interest in the season? Pete
  8. Having watched BBT from the beginning I have all ways wondered where in Pasadena where Lenards Building is living in the UK I will never get the chance to visit Pasadena so to take a leaf out of Howard's book I had a play on Google eatrh using the image from his window but I'm not quite there yet the closest I can guess is the building shown in the image below anyone else got any Ideas? I know the building is fictional but it would be interesting to try to find where it would be if real. Pete
  9. Hello there everyone Well we have seen almost all of the parents for each caricature and we have heard Howard s mother even though not seen her the only parents we have not seen are Penny's will we get a chance to see them this season or will it be next season:icon_question: It would be interesting to see what Penny's parents think of Leonard and what he thinks of them:icon_question: I think it would prove to be an interesting episode. What do you think:icon_question: Pete
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