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  1. Thank you very much for the interview!!!
  2. Interesting... I will make it later!!
  3. I agree with many of your responses. In particular I don't like Big Brother, I don't understand how people can be watching the channel 24 hours there ... is boring! Like all these books that are "bestsellers", like Twilight for instance, I think people exaggerate. It isn't as good as it's painted ... but "to taste the colors"
  4. Hello everyone! I love this serie, is full of colorful characters, and it is difficult to choose one .... although..... SHELDON IS SHELDON!! I hope have fun here... though I'm sure!! (Sorry in advance for my grammar errors ) See you in the forum! ^^
  5. Dra.Cooper

    Nerd Test

    Funny test My results: 36% scored higher (more nerdy), 1% scored the same, and 63% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Low Ranking Nerd. Definitely a nerd but low on the totem pole of nerds.
  6. It would be cool to see Neil Patrick Harris in the same scenario as Sheldon jajajaj, it would be very very funny...
  7. I think is very sweet in this way, but he is also entitled to have some romance so... maybe.. I don't know
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