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  1. Couldn't watch it on CBS website, found it on youTube For those outside the US. (like me) The airdate though on the CBS website says 5th Jan. I thought it was next week on the 11th? Was I wrong? Because if I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right! :D
  2. Welcome! Nice to see a Leonard supporter! Why do you like him so much??
  3. Yep. This is just a sitcom, and totally analysising, not matter how bored you are, is pointless!
  4. Wait, where did I say that I was Sheldon to have sex? No no no, God, that would be so weird and the show would have to be like in it's 10th season for him to even get there! Ah maybe I am not good at expressing myself. Basically, I said that the fun part for me is to see him interact with people, and I can see him almost adapting to Penny in a way that isn't so scientific (Let's be honest, she can't understand that stuff, so he has to re-translate it for her, which is funny!) Their friendship is awesome, and because Penny is dating Leonard, they can continue that along! My own personal feel
  5. Thanks for posting! I don't watch Family Guy anymore
  6. I can't wait either! I am so glad to find out that Danica is going to be Raj's love interest (for awhile there I was scared they were going to push Sheldon into another pseudo relationship). I really enjoyed the Howard and Bernadette arc, so this sounds really good. Leonard being upset about Penny believing in psychics? Do you think a psychic told her that Penny and Leonard weren't meant to be? January 11th can't get here fast enough!
  7. Welcome! Sheldon is also my favorite. I am rewatching season 1 and finding little things that I like about him even from then! He's the best! BTW your avatar is awesome
  8. I agree, Sheldon IS a little lazy, and is not the pinnacle of genius, not really. He understands theory and all that existential science stuff, but at the same time he really lacks a lot of discipline and some basic physics. Don't you guys remember when he tried to "help" his other friends, and in particular Leonard who told him Shedon's imput would just blow his entire experiment, so could he just Go away please? Sheldon sees the forest, but not the individual trees. And I believe that stems from his refusal to collaborate with people, to open himself up and to really knuckle down. He's dy
  9. Anyone up to Season 5 yet? The introduction of the .... is really creeping me out. I don't really want to spoil it for anyone. I love this show, because for once I love a duo rather than a singular character! The brothers together are great, I got really sad when they split up
  10. Thanks everyone! It's such a relief to find a small haven to vent my BBT love. Everyone else thinks I'm crackers. :D
  11. I think I get what you mean... Sheldon likes people around because through them he can reflect on his own genius! Brilliant! I hadn't thought of it like that. And through the constant interactions that happens, a good percentage of them Sheldon is NOT good at, like for example driving, Mandarin and putting on an item of clothes on another person! Although Sheldon is never humble, it's those things that make the show so funny. I just thought that the whole teaching Penny physics thing could have been funnier if he didn't go back to Ancient Greece all the time. Because I am still not sure wh
  12. I was watching this episode again with a friend who remarked "Why is it so important for Sheldon to prove Leonard's experiment redudant to Penny, the girlfriend?" One would think that as a friend, Sheldon would just explain the experiment the best way he could, and the comedy could have fallen on his over-explanation or Penny's shortfalling in comprehension, rather than the obvious mean tone it took. So I chose to answer that remark with "Duh, he's jealous and thus is deliberatly misinterpreting her request" Hey, not my fault the writers led me there!
  13. Thank you! If you do come to my shop you can see various Leonard/Raj/Sheldon types in their natural habitat. Sadly no Howards...!
  14. Thanks for the interview! I guess it's easy to assume in simplistic terms that there is a large gap of people that want to "normalise" Sheldon by making him more "human" or "normal". I know I have said so in the past, but I think it's more than that; It's about seeing how far he experiments in trying to relate with those around him, and by exploring his motives for doing so. I want to see more of that! Because it's damn funny. It would be pretty strange if all Sheldon equaled to was Science, there has to be more there! (He isn't Vulcan, a Robot or a Pod is he?) And I think Penny is there t
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