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  1. I find it kind of odd that I sort of started out as a Sheldon & Penny fan, but the more I thought about it (mainly Sheldon himself) I realized that them ending up together is highly unlikely. I'm not against it completely but I see no plausible way of making it work out. Now, I wouldn't mind seeing Sheldon with a girl in later seasons, I just prefer it not be Penny. (Though I see that as highly unlikely as well.)
  2. I graduated from college with a Photography degree, but I'm currently working at one of those 'warehouse stores'. *glares at recession* Hopefully, I can get a job that is a little more related to my degree in a few years.
  3. Only English really. I picked up the very basics of Spanish, from living in Texas. I took French in college, though I'm slowly starting to forget it. And I wish I could learn Japanese at some point.
  4. I actually liked the episode quite a bit, I do also wish there was a bit more science in the episodes recently...but I can see there not being as much in a christmas episode. So this time it didn't really bother me. I absolutely loved Leonard's Mom drunk, and the fact that Sheldon seemed more baffled by the kiss than anything else. Though not my favorite so far this season, I still thought it was pretty good. I've wondered about that too. Not sure if it would work out in the long run for Raj, but the thought has crossed my mind.
  5. Hello! I've been lurking for awhile, and finally decided to join a few days ago. I've been watching The Big Bang Theory since mid-season 1 and have been totally loving it from the very beginning. (It probably helps with one of my parents being involved Science, though my Dad teaches in the Biology dept., not Physics.) I'm currently trying to get one of my friends into the show, and so far it looks like I've succeeded! Though I'm not originally from Texas, I've lived here awhile and have been to nearly all corners of the state (except El Paso & down near Mexico).
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