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  1. I agree, The stairs play a very important part in the continued relationship of the casts. The stairs also play an important part in developing new problems and issues that could face our lab rats. The elevator also plays a part in the episodes as the add to the charracter of the show, its cast and the shows story line. Its such a great idea to have the stairway added as an extension of both apartments.
  2. Nice Tripper. Thanx Heaps I cant wait for the bloopers to come out....Ummm you wouldnt know what the title is do ya.....? Oh and do you think we will ever get to see Penny's family....?
  3. Thanx heaps BWR - I hope we get to meet her family oh and is it me or has season 3 well the first 6 or 7 episodes become a little tempered....I mean these episodes kinda differ from those in the last 2 seasons....nothing wrong in it cos it shows how both Penny and Lennerd are sanding off the rough edges in their relationship. Oh and last question do you or anyone know if the show is going to create a bloopers special anytime soon....I know they would be so much fun to watch and also a behind the scenes special with comentry would be great. cheers
  4. Gidday all, Just needed a little help with a couple of questions. 1. Can some one tell me why Penny has no lastname in the show....could this be a plan by the creators of the show to seperate her from the boys. I mean she is a girl, Shes pretty, Not too bright, a little lose headed, free spirited, worldly. I think this list already seperates her charracter already... 2. Do we get to see any of Pennys Family in any of the episodes coming up.
  5. Wow....what a great welcome from a host of friendly fans of the show I love....I look forward to exchanging with you all....
  6. I first checked out TBBT on you you tube after a recommendation and then downloaded torrents of a couple of episodes. I now own DVDs of the first 2 series and will buy the 3rd series on DVD when it comes out (SOME INTERVIEWS IN THE EXTRAS PLEASE!!) . You may call it illegal but it could also be called advertising. If I had it available on national TV I would not have to resort to such methods. As a side issue, I cannot think why China would ban bit torrents. What is the thinking behind that? Gidday all, Im not gona harp on about about all the time....I think owning the DvDs are much better than downloading them from the net because 1. your supporting the makers of the television series and 2, you personally own a part of the the creators dreams for yourself at home. this is better in my view. As for China banning Bit Torrents who knows........what they do over there....
  7. I do not know why you would want to download this Television show off BT......one it is taking money away from this show.....2. its iligeal to do so and its about time China decides to change their policy. Do what the rest of us do buy the series from retail stores or order from the states maybe there are some you can buy that has the chinese translation....Save the show and support it by buying your legal copies....
  8. Gidday All, Well first off I would like to say what an amazing television comedy show The Big Bang Theory. Its a treat to clear the the evening for this show because it makes me laugh so much that I really want to watch it over and over again. Your biggest Fan from New Zealand is me. Well here we go....My name is Arthur, im a student studying my masters in Geophysics and Geology. I live in Wellington. New Zealand. I have both season1 and 2 and watch them every week. Oh well thats me
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