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  1. Hi, Everyone should care about how they look, when you look good you feel good. It doesn't necessarily mean that we all have to where whats considered fashionable at the time, but just that they where there own style good and maintain hygiene.
  2. For me it was pong on a computer with a 5 inch green screen built right into the computer and a drive bay just as big as the computer to read the disks like a floppy but bigger and thin Pong frist second was frogger.. on the same green screen computer..
  3. Hi, Know any good anime shows that are like romantic/comedy and have kids, middle schoolers, and high schoolers in it? Like Gakuen Alice/Alice Academy and Fruits Basket! Those two are my all time favorite anime shows cuz they make me happy and arent all emo. Not too emo... Love those two! But I've also already seen Tysukuyomi Moon Phase or something like that and Kodomo no Jikan. Soo... funny/romantic ones that were once famous or have a TV show. I'd prefer that
  4. Just curious what everyone listens to after listening to each and every TCGTE episode 10x in a row?
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