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  1. Yep..love to slide.:D Next person is already anxious for the weekend to come?
  2. Well, I like Sheldon and Penny better as friends and I really couldn´t imagine them as a couple anyway. I think, if they´ll ever decide, to get Sheldon into any kind of relationship, it´ll be with someone who´s a lot different to Penny. Either someone who worships him in every way or someone who´s like his mom or mee-maw. It´s true, that in the pilot, Penny looked more like a dumb blonde, but they´ve definitely developed that in the future episodes.
  3. Can´t remember, what game it was..but I remember, it was on a huge computer with black screen and green writing. oh and it was one of those huge discs.. Just remember playing "Indiana Jones" on that one, but am not sure, if it was the first game ever.
  4. German (native) English French (back at school and still remember a good deal) some Italian, some Portugese and a tiny bit Spanish
  5. I´m from Germany, near the Black Forest
  6. I didn´t see the taping, but I read some spoilers and they say, that Martha tries to get Sheldon into bed..
  7. False. Next person likes to party?
  8. Welcome to the forums, tina. Hope you´ll have fun here!
  9. Well, I´m new, but anyway..this is me
  10. Welcome to the forum, Cynara!! Hope you´ll have fun here.
  11. I guess it was in an interview the writers/producers gave
  12. Maybe...but I´m not sure, that he´ll get it at first.
  13. TamTam


    I watched it and I have to agree with vportilla, it is a shame, that they didn´t pick it up after the second season. The finale was such a cliffhanger, that you really wanted to know, what´ll happen next..
  14. Hey there fellow TBBT-fans! My name´s Tammy. I just love this show!!! My favorite character on the show is definitely Sheldon. I don´t know why, but I seem to have it with the nerdy geeks,that act in extreme ways. So, guess that´s all so far.
  15. I´ve seen many interviews, that where given by the whole Cast (in separate), but I have to admit, that I LOVE Jim´s interviews.:D And this one was another great interview with him!!
  16. Well, I´d say, we have to wait, what the writers have in mind.. Just wait and see...I just recently read something on the net, that it may happen, but that it will take a long,long time for it to happen to Sheldon...
  17. Thanks for that...I really don´t want to know my numbers on that, though.
  18. I have to admit, that I don´t like the idea of Sheldon and Penny being in a relationship either. And I can´t see it ever happening, he would drive her even more crazy than he does already! In one way it´d be nice to see him in a relationship with a girl, because it´d be so awkward how he´d be acting and that would make it really funny for sure.
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