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  1. Well, I like Sheldon and Penny better as friends and I really couldn´t imagine them as a couple anyway.;)

    I think, if they´ll ever decide, to get Sheldon into any kind of relationship, it´ll be with someone who´s a lot different to Penny. Either someone who worships him in every way or someone who´s like his mom or mee-maw.;)

    It´s true, that in the pilot, Penny looked more like a dumb blonde, but they´ve definitely developed that in the future episodes.

  2. I watched it and I have to agree with vportilla, it is a shame, that they didn´t pick it up after the second season.:(

    The finale was such a cliffhanger, that you really wanted to know, what´ll happen next..

  3. Hey there fellow TBBT-fans!

    My name´s Tammy.

    I just love this show!!! :icon_mrgreen:

    My favorite character on the show is definitely Sheldon. I don´t know why, but I seem to have it with the nerdy geeks,that act in extreme ways.;)

    So, guess that´s all so far.

  4. Well, I´d say, we have to wait, what the writers have in mind..:) Just wait and see...I just recently read something on the net, that it may happen, but that it will take a long,long time for it to happen to Sheldon...

  5. I have to admit, that I don´t like the idea of Sheldon and Penny being in a relationship either. And I can´t see it ever happening, he would drive her even more crazy than he does already!

    In one way it´d be nice to see him in a relationship with a girl, because it´d be so awkward how he´d be acting and that would make it really funny for sure.

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