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  1. The show has ended for me, and I suspect for most of the original, core audience (the geekier among us) who honed in on the program from episode 1. I will always enjoy my seasons 1 - 3 DVDs, though. And the re-runs on WTBS are a great way to spend my evenings. Goodbye, gang. It was awesome while it was awesome.
  2. OK, I promised that I would give the show one more chance, and I actually gave it two more chances, with the back-to-back episodes last night, and all I can say is --- goodbye. The shows were just one big dirty joke, nothing but off-colour humour and sex jokes. Totally inappropriate IMHO. I had HOPED and HOPED that the writers would go back to the source and get back to the comic book/sci-fi/science/nerdly goodness that defined the program in the first 2 (almost 3 ) seasons, but they have made their decision, so now I have made mine. At least we always have seasons 1 - 3. That was classic television. There is now not a single series left that I care to watch. How sad that television has de-volved so badly, so quickly. Even Dr. Who sucks now. sigh.
  3. I will not be purchasing season 4. Best forgotten, IMHO. I am hoping, HOPING, that season 5 will get back to what made seasons 1 and 2 so glorious - the focus on nerdly/science/geeky concepts and humor. What is making this even worse for me was watching the first 6 episodes of season 1 on WTBS last night, and comparing those episodes with season 4 - and there is NO comparison between he two seasons. Season 1 absolutely owns season 4, not even a contest.
  4. I must say, Season 4 was so horrific that I deleted the entire mess from my DVR last week. I also cancelled my pre-order for the DVD. There is no way I am going to pay hard-earned money for this dreck. I will give the show two episodes this Fall - if it's not back to full nerdliness, I am finished with the show. As one other poster wrote in another thread, "Don't the writers read these comments?".
  5. even if he does go for it, i think the show will make him not pass and get it this way no one can make fun of him...the jokes will be gone especially sheldon's remarks on the matter Can one become an engineering doctor? Oh, absolutely. PhD in engineering - not an uncommon degree.
  6. Agreed! I like the nredliness, the tech humor, the inside math/physics jokes - I mean, the whiteboards in the apartment were some of the best bits on the show, and this season, almost non-existent. I much prefer inteelectual humor to the base, coarse humor - which is available in abundance on other programs. Let those shows be gross - I prefer not to be bashed over the head and told something is funny.
  7. Sheldon dancing? I think not. Unless they find some way to get him hammered first.
  8. Exactly. I mean, there are a few programs scattered across BBC America, G4, The Science Channel, and the History Channel, but these programs are almost exclusively documentaries. I dearly enjoy documentaries, but I like a good laugh every now and then as well. I thought the new movie "Paul" was nice, with clever geeky/nerdy tidbits and Easter eggs throughout, and the romance thing was not overblown - it was a sidebar. That's what I would like to see BBT get back to. That sort of balance.
  9. Pomita wrote: "That's almost Sheldonesque narcissism." Thank you, I am indeed flattered. My co-workers have taken to frequently referring to me as "Dr. Cooper" rather than my true nom de plume. BTW, I did not say there will be no show left, I stated that the writers are in danger of losing the original core audience, which will damage the ratings, potentially leading to no show at some point (to satae the obvious, of course). Probably not enough to make a huge dent, because the show is so run-of-the-mill ordinary rom-com now, but still, no show should willingly alineate their core audience.
  10. Perhaps - and I hope you are right about the Priya storyline. I adore geeky Leonard. Semi-Cool Leonard just won't work.
  11. I think you are correct. The story lines this season are definitely geared to the romantics. Just hoping for a retrurn to the old form.
  12. What do I expect them to do with all the girls? Easy, de-emphasize those characters. Put them far into the background, and return the focus to the geekery and nerdliness that got the geek community to watch the show in the first place, back when the ratings weren't top 10. What I perceive is that the writers are making the same mistake that many females make with nerds - they expect them to drop their geekiness and change into what they want them to be. It will work for a little while, but living a lie is never a sustainable prospect. There are enough idiot programs on television, like "2.5 men", which are nothing but sexual innuendo and double entendres. I refuse to watch such crap. BBT should belong to the nerds, not the romantics. Yes, that's my opinion, and it is one which must be considered. We nerds are the core audience, and if they lose us, then what? No ratings, no show. If things do not turn around by the end of the season, unfortunately, I will be beaming out.
  13. I don't mind if the geeks have girlfriends, but the problem is that the writers tend to focus on the relationship stuff after that, rather than sticking with the what should be the main point of the show - the four core nerds and their struggles to understand the greater world, without succumbing to it. No true geek will give up his or her loves of comic books, sci-fi, and technology just for a chance at romance.
  14. Wow....just, wow. Last week was a decent episode, gave me hope for the remainder of the season, and then this steaming pile appears on my screen. My gosh, if I want to see people discussing sexual innuendoes and obsessed with romantic crap, I can watch any number of lesser shows. Epic Fail for this episode. Please, please, please let's get back to some true nerdliness and geekery. Get the guys back to the comic shop, or back into long discussions on Trek, or Star Wars, anything but this blasted romantic stuff.
  15. I just wonder for how long Leonard's gonna go along with it. I mean, he doesn't even seem to notice what's going on with Priya. She used sarcasm on him but it was Sheldon who understood it for once and not Leonard. Hopefully, he'll be able to see that she wants him to change and he'll do something about it.
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