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  1. I agree with jrekent, I didn't like seeing Leonard be so closed minded (of course it doesnt help that I DO believe in psychics, some of them), but I just felt like he was being too much of a jerk which isn't like him. But if he does go to a psychic, that will be interesting. It doesn't really HAVE to go against science, it can just be another thing that scientists can try to study! I do agree that Raj is good with the ladies, and Sheldon's sister liked him too! I think I'd like to see him overcome his mutism, but I wouldn't want to see him actually get a girlfriend though because it's fun t
  2. Overall I thought this episode was kinda weak. I didn't laugh as much as I usually do. I am starting to really wish nobody had a girlfriend now, because it seems like it's going in the direction of setting them all up with a girl then the show will be too different. I cannot believe that Sheldon would be that against sex, that is just too abnormal, are there really guys like that out there? I did like Raj's whole storyline, I felt so bad for him when he was begging with Sheldon to go out to this party! But I felt that Abby and Martha fell into their laps way too easily. I mean a guy who is ant
  3. I'm new to the forum but definately not new to the show...I've been watching it pretty much since the beginning! I caught a few minutes of the first episode but then forgot what the name of the show was, and I also forgot what night it was on! So it took me a month or two until I finally found out what show it was! I got my mom into it, and my best friend, who got some other friends, it's spreading like wildfire! Well, as everyone knows the show just won Best Comedy at the People's Choice Awards so it's no longer our little secret! Anyway, as you can tell from my avatar, my favorite charac
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