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  1. Heeeheee, perhaps I should hire myself out as a consultant to the show's writers! That could be great
  2. @netmouse: I got a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences actually, I'm a biochemist. Sheldon would kill me if he read this but biochemistry is definitely better than physics! lol I agree about the PhD in "Historical Scottish Poetry"... but I would not be able to get one, I would not know what to say!
  3. Georgette (pretty old French name ^^ )
  4. Frogs' legs and escargot are not that bad as they don't really have any taste. Frogs' legs are fried food and the parsley and garlic garnish is the only taste when you eat escargot. Haggis -> Yuck Cheese fondue
  5. Penny dating Sheldon's brother could be really interesting. That would drive Sheldon kind of crazy. I agree with BazingaGirl about Leonard realizing his feelings for Penny.
  6. It's not a purchase I made but I got the periodic table shower curtains as a gift for my PhD.
  7. Yes I do! I liked the first season and the last one was quite good, but I was disappointed with the other seasons... I wonder sometimes why I keep watching it... Maybe because of Sylar, I like this character. What do you think about this show?
  8. Delph


    Hey! I'm so glad seeing anyone else likes this show. I'm a huge fan! It is so funny. I think Casey won't get his badge but will go back to his love and his daughter. I am not very sure about Sarah, but I think she will end up with Chuck.
  9. Hi Vanilla! Welcome aboard, even though I prefer chocolate
  10. Delph


    Hi Shenny! Welcome aboard, have fun!
  11. Delph

    Need some help

    Hi guys! I need some help. Here is the point. I need to speak English fluently in order to find a job at the end of this year. I'm looking for someone who I can chat by email with and who can correct my mistakes. I don't ask you to send me a email every day but as often as possible. That is also a good way to make new friendships. Of course I can help you with French or teach it, why not?! We already have BBT in common, that is a good beginning! We can talk about many other tv shows, sport, jokes or anything else! I am not going to tell more about me, you can get to know me by chatting
  12. Hi OmicronData! Welcome here, looking forward to getting to know you!
  13. I'm a chemist and I am currently a PhD student in pharmaceutical sciences. I also teach chemistry.
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