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  1. I've just started reading Kiss of Evil by Richard Montanari
  2. Hi just wondering if there are going to be live web chats with any of the stars of the show in the near future. if anyone finds anything please let me know by providing the source (the website involved) thanks
  3. Hi just wondering when episodes 12-23 of season 4 will air?
  4. Hi, how many episodes are there of the 4th season in total and where can I find information on future episodes from episode 12 onwards?
  5. Does anyone know what episode 15 of season 3 is called?
  6. Hi i'm Andrei. I'm also from New Zealand and a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. I'm also a student studying for a Bachelor of Technology, specialising in Biotechnology. I Live in Hamilton, New Zealand
  7. I am from Hamilton, New Zealand
  8. 3.14 airs February 1st. CBS has yet to announce the episode, but we know it's called "The Einstein Approximation". The show has been renewed for a 4th season, which will presumably begin in September. Thanks Tripper. How many episodes does Season 3 contain in total?. I am in New Zealand and Season 3 will air February 3rd
  9. Hi, does anyone know when Episode 14 of Season 3 will air? Or does season 3 end at episode 13 "The Bozeman Reaction''? Any news on Season 4 will be great
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