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  1. The show is about to start its 4th season in September....unless the ratings take a major change for the worst, there's no way the show is going anywhere for a long time....the show was getting 16 million viewers last season....HUGE! I predict the show will likely go on to a 7th, 8th...(maybe more) season easily
  2. I'm going! I'll be at the Big Bang Theory panel and yes I will be filming it (as I'm sure many others will be too though). I also got an invite to the EW/CBS party (TBBT cast will be there) Thursday night so I'll be going to that as well. I'll be posting lots of updates during Comic-Con on my twitter at @Miss_Shannon85 if anyone was interested in following it for the TBBT updates I'll be doing at Comic-Con
  3. ^^CBS just renamed "The Elevator Implementation" so its now called "The Staircase Implementation." And yes I know someone who went to the finale taping...the episode is titled “The Lunar Excitation.â€Â
  4. This episode is called "The Elevator Implementation." The finale tapes Tuesday so we'll know the name of that one after then
  5. Shannon


    It's incredibly popular so once tickets are up...they are gone in less than half an hour. Here's a hint for trying in season 4....Monday's in the morning Tickets are released then but there isn't a "set" time per say...but early in the morning
  6. ^^The set is at Warner Brothers Studios and tickets are free...you get them online at www.tvtickets.com. Tickets for season 4 will be available later in the summer
  7. Have fun! I know a lot of people going to that taping on Tuesday...shout out to the Paradox community Have fun everyone!
  8. Yes you can read all of them here: http://www.chucklorre.com/index-bbt.php
  9. Shannon


    The cast will almost certainly have a panel again this year. The previous panels have been on Friday's I believe if I remember right...the chances aren't high the show will have a panel on a Sunday so you are taking a risk just buying Sunday passes and hoping they have it then...if their panel isn't on Friday again it would be more likely it'd be on Saturday or even Thursday I'd think. But the official schedule for Comic-Con won't be available until much later and closer to Comic-Con. Anyways this is my 2nd year going....I went on Saturday last year so I didnt see TBBT panel...missed it by a day, but seeing their panel is #1 on my list this year...I do have 4 day passes + preview night so only have to worry about waiting in line for it. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some fellow TBBT fans there!
  10. SLPHR = Sheldon/Leonard/Penny/Howard/Raj episode where all characters get equal screen time for the most part
  11. Congrats on getting tickets Jan You'll have a really good time and glad you found the info helpful. Every taping is different, but I highly recommend you get there no later than 2-2:30 pm to guarantee you'll get in w/no worries. Sure you might still get in if you show up after, but its a risk you take and since you're coming from far it's really worth it to you to just bring some food and stuff to keep you busy for a couple hours in line. I went to my my last taping last month and I got there at about 1:15 and I was the 11th person in line.
  12. Well I don't want to post anything here that is a spoiler, but I will say that it's another heavy Sheldon/Penny centered episode. Very little Raj, Howard, and Leonard (I'm like you where I miss the guys all together and getting more equal time on the show...but this episode was still really great because it continues from TADD Oh Raj did have some great stuff this episode though even though the rest of guys as a whole aren't the focus)
  13. I saw this episode taped last month....one of my favorites this season by far
  14. Hey Steve. Sure anything that I wrote that you find interesting about the taping itself you are certainly allowed to put on the TBBT wiki. Thanks for asking. As far as any specific notes about the episodes, so much happens that I'd really have to think back. I write up a taping report on the fan forum spoilers site the night I get home from a taping when it's fresh in my head and I know the Sheldon/Penny live journal community usually has one up each week or every other week (just have to be a member there to read those) where you can get great details about the tapings. As far as on set changes, when you are in the audience looking down at the set from left to right this is what you see: the cafeteria, penny's apartment, the hallway/stairs, leonard and sheldon's apartment, and the far right is one of the swing sets (swings sets are the sets that change frequently and usually most often the swing sets are places like the comic book shop, one of the guys' bedrooms, etc.). Any other additional rooms needed for taping will be shot out of our view to the very left or very right of the audience. For the stair shots it's what you likely expect....the hallway is the same no matter if they are on their 4th floor or the 3rd floor....it's just slight set decoration changes like the numbers on the door, what caution tape/sign they put on the elevator, and maybe a potted plant or whatever to change it up. At tapings when you go to your seat you have a pamphlet waiting for you that names the show, date of the taping, episode title, cast, and guest stars which you can take home. Here's a pic of what that looks like: And no we are not discouraged in any way from talking about the taping or the episode.
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