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  1. It was a good episode, like some things leonard and penny had really good lines and the one "sleeping with the fishes" I thought he would've said that before he did, though kinda obvious I know. Also for the "shenny" shippers out there, I'm sure you liked when penny told him that she would miss him, at least that's what I thought while I was watching the episode jejejeje.

    It seems that sheldon was really focused on finding a location to move since he didn't say anything to penny for sitting on his spot. Another thing, what are the models of the new laptops? we were right that they were bound to change them and the robbery was the perfect reason.

    They mention all the games and consoles that were stolen but I never saw them playing PS3, just xbox and wii and the nintendo 64 I do remember because it arrived when leonard had the date with lesley.

    I liked the episode and now just to wait for next week and for the preview in youtube lol :D

    Nice episode,and I haven't noticed that sheldon said nothing about Penny's sitting on his spot.In addition,the brand of sheldon's new laptop was not shown to us ,will the director make a promo in following episode?

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