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  1. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

    She´s so pretty!
  2. BlackWhiteRose

    1009 'The Geology Elevation' (November 17)

    Man what a hysterical episode Bert was awesome and Sheldon was on fire ! Jim played that so well! I had a lot of fun watching that episode!
  3. BlackWhiteRose

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Awww Shamy Love them so much Can`t wait to see the episode soon,
  4. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

  5. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

    Mayim looks so stunning! Love her dress!
  6. BlackWhiteRose

    Kaley Cuoco

    Kaley is a natural beauty! *thud* Wonderful lady! Great pictures.
  7. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

    I`m happy too she won! It´s so well deserved! Mayim is a wonderful actress and a great person! Love her! Forever! #TeamMayim And here is a video of her win:
  8. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

    So adorable! New video from the wonderful amazing Mayim Bialik:
  9. BlackWhiteRose

    Episode 2.21 (April 27th)

    Loved that episode! The friends with benefits theme was hystercial especially Sheldon who tried to understand it The end was epic I loved Leonard´s reaction *LOL*
  10. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

    Next recap:
  11. BlackWhiteRose

    The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-10 Episode Tournament

    Well said Serena!
  12. BlackWhiteRose

    Mayim Bialik

    That´s so adorable!

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