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  1. Man what a hysterical episode Bert was awesome and Sheldon was on fire ! Jim played that so well! I had a lot of fun watching that episode!
  2. Awww Shamy Love them so much Can`t wait to see the episode soon,
  3. Mayim looks so stunning! Love her dress!
  4. Kaley is a natural beauty! *thud* Wonderful lady! Great pictures.
  5. I`m happy too she won! It´s so well deserved! Mayim is a wonderful actress and a great person! Love her! Forever! #TeamMayim And here is a video of her win:
  6. So adorable! New video from the wonderful amazing Mayim Bialik:
  7. Loved that episode! The friends with benefits theme was hystercial especially Sheldon who tried to understand it The end was epic I loved Leonard´s reaction *LOL*
  8. I hope one of them wins! *keepmyfingerscrossed*
  9. Wow Kunal is really good! And Mayim: Man! That woman has talent! Love it!
  10. A natural beauty! And I love this one! I giggled so much :D
  11. Yeah double Cook I would love it!
  12. I really keep my fingers crossed for her that this time it works out. That cute baby is her friends child right? (I mean of one of her female friends)
  13. Lovely picture. I follow him on instagram.
  14. Almost forgot. She posted this video recently:
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