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  1. Well I have my personal opinion and I stick to it. Not everybody likes SW. No reason to laugh about people when they didn`t like that part. Oh then it would be nice if you that down more specific next time because it´s very hard to see if someone really meant something. You know the written word its not always easy for me to see what someone means. I`m kinda weird as Sheldon.
  2. Such a wonderful picture. Love it!
  3. I never watched that "Beaches" movie but I loved how the did that scene again. Loved Mayims outfit *LOL* (the one from now from 2016)
  4. I loved the Shamy part but not the SW part. For me AD was more fun and it´s a classic. But it was just a tournament.
  5. Valerie Malone (Beverly Hills 90210)
  6. Wonderful arts here! Love the Penny drawing (inspired by the promoshoot), the Howard drawing is cool, the Harry Potter Style art is so adorable!
  7. I agree. Still three days to vote so it´s still too early to say who wins.
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