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  1. That's weird, never happened here. Hopefully someone will have it up on Youtube or something, there's no way people will let the scene where Sheldon finally meets his "match" go, that's like a MAJOR event in BBT history.
  2. I wonder if they'll ever give a movie a thought. I think it could REALLY work. With a show like Friends people always wanted a movie but that would never have made sense. But BBT is something that could really work. In the future..........
  3. I'd love to see an actor from Friends on the show. Kaley's suggestion of Lisa Kudrow as Penny's mom is a genius idea. I hope they take that into consideration.
  4. OR more Sheldon/Penny action. I'm not complaining.
  5. Same here!. I can't wait for this episode!. I LOVE flashback episodes. LOL yeah the FRIENDS flashback episodes were the best. Can't wait to finally see one on Big Bang!
  6. Yep. It would be comedy gold. Sheldon would just be like WTF??, and Howard would be like "oh crap who am I stuck with??!".
  7. I dunno. I feel the writers can have so much scope with more Sheldon/Howard interactions, because they're the most opposite of each other out of Leonard/Sheldon/Howard/Raj.
  8. My order of preference Sheldon Howard - Very underutilized. We need more Howard/Sheldon scenes together! Raj Penny Leonard.
  9. A good mix of things people of both groups like about this show is the episode airing today, The ADDD. Cant' wait for the re-run!
  10. Hey everyone, just to let everyone know. A re-run of one of the BEST episodes of the season, The Adhesive Duck Deficiency, airs tomorrow at 8:30/9:30 on CBS. DON'T FORGET TO TUNE IN!. LET THE MAKERS KNOW WE LOVE THE EPISODES WITH TRULY GOOD WRITING.
  11. Anybody here from the Sheldon/Penny Paradox Comm?
  12. I never get to read them. But the few I've read are quite funny.
  13. Yeah. if not drunk, a hungover Sheldon again is something I definitely won't be complaining about.
  14. Haha. What'd everybody think of today's episode?. I thought it was ok. Not great, not bad. Somewhere in between. Jim Parsons so has to win the Emmy this year. No doubt about it. Can't imagine how he did that scene in front of a live audience. Haha. Anybody else game for a drunk Sheldon atleast once every season?
  15. I hope so. Wow did you see the episode tonight?. How HOT did Sheldon look when he was hungover. I can't get over that messy hair and the hotness.
  16. LOL. You're damn right, I hope it's goes on for 10 Seasons like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and never loses it sheen.
  17. I know!!. I've been following the ratings too!. How awesome is that??!!!!. I'm so happy for the show. People might keep going on about 30 Rock and The Office but the truth is The Big Bang Theory is way ahead of them in the 18-49 demographic AND overall viewers. I hope this upward trend of ratings growth continues for the series.
  18. There's going to be a 4th Season, thankfully. During the Season Two Comic Con press conference they announced that BBT was renewed for a 3rd and 4th Season. I sincerely hope it goes on for many more Seasons, hopefully 8-9-10. God willing.
  19. Can't wait for new taping news!. Hope someone posts a taping experience again!
  20. Oh yeah, that's true. Can't wait for the episode!
  21. The promo is not that spoilery.
  22. It's all good Carl. Blackwhiterose I'm looking forward to the episode too. It's a pity they're so many breaks between new episodes. Every 2 weeks!. That's crazy!.
  23. I'm sorry if it upset you. I didn't mean it in that way. It was just my personal opinion. Sorry about that.
  24. If Leonard and Penny breakup they should NEVER get together again. Ross and Rachel had amazing chemistry and both of them were polar opposites who played off each other so well. Leonard and Penny have NO chemistry whether the writers/makers want us to believe it or not and frankly unlike Ross and Rachel, nobody could care a damn whether Leonard and Penny breakup or get together, because both of them together are just plain dull and can't even play off each other. The writers made a big mistake even getting them together in the first place. All their scenes in Season 3 have been for the most part, bland and lame.
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