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  1. i literally screamed when penny punched sheldon, i wasn't expecting that at all funniest episode in a LONG time!
  2. I'm new to the forums. but I was looking around the net about a website for my favorite comedic and i think i have found it. let me just say while I enjoy the show it has completely change from what it used to be in season 2. the few first episodes from S3 were funny and the parts were still sort of equal for everyone. but the last 2 episodes have been downright poor and it has become more of a Sheldon/Leonard/Penny show, giving very few lines to Howard and Raj. In my opinion, Howard was one of the main charater of the show, he is ( or should be) the guy that spice things up with his dirty jokes but now even his clothing aren't funny anymore. now Raj, he is the charater to mix culture diversity into this "american show" and bring something different to american culture. I'm really disappointed with the directors/producers that have made TBBT into an usual comedy show.
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