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  1. I don't even own a television, and this is about the only show I watch. I like it so much that sometimes I'll even play some of the episodes from the first two seasons in the background while I'm programming. But, in my opinion, some very bad things have been happening to this show recently, beginning with "The Psychic Vortex". I can't quite put my finger on all of the changes, but the stories and the writing have definitely changed. The last three episodes have been sloppy, like tonights episode where Sheldon tells Penny that there is nothing in the Roommate Agreement about girlfriends, when we know that there is. But more importantly the last three episodes have shown Leonard and Howard transform into complete jerks without souls. Howard constantly rubs the fact that he has a girlfriend in Raj's face, Howard and Leonard take their girlfriends skating when it was Raj's idea and they just ignore Raj as he points this out repeatedly (Raj is only hauled out now when the writers need to inject some lame homoerotic joke, almost every episode now), and so on and so on. A funnier episode would have involved Leonard struggling with who to take to CERN. THE major appeal of the show up to now has been how much the characters really care for each other and protect each other despite their differences and personalities. In several TBBT forums people always say how they wish they had friends like these. Now, for me, that feeling is completely gone and the last three shows have just been extremely disappointing and sad, and, quite frankly, I don't want to be around them, or watch them.
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