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  1. No doubt--really looking forward to several upcoming episodes! Think about it; Stan Lee, Lord of the Rings, Wil Wheaton ... possibly Leonard Nimoy at some point too? So much good stuff lined up that we know about, let alone what we don't!
  2. I think it's unlikely that Sheldon will get his revenge any time soon. I think he'll try during this episode but once again be thwarted and so the vendetta will intensify. This is too good a plot thread to be finished with right away. Wil Wheaton is the nemesis that the lame Barry Kripke character could never be. Steve If you're interested in knowing, a writer from the show tipped off E!Online in their "Spoiler Chat" as to the result of Sheldon and Wil's upcoming square-off. A couple other minor spoilers for the show (and many other shows aside) are there also--fair warning!
  3. Not sure on the "Lizard-Spock Expansion" not coming back as a recurring gag. It's possible that some type of conflict came about because RPSLS didn't originate with "The Big Bang Theory" or Sheldon. A couple named Sam Kass and Karen Bryla actually came up with the idea. They don't appear to mind the attention it has been given (outside of a mild insistence that they, and not Sheldon, created it), so it seems an unlikely point of contention for future use on the show. Who knows though? If we were the gambling sort, we'd put money down that none of us have seen the last of RPSLS, however. Here's to hoping!
  4. For a time, in place of the article we thought of having a big, flashing "Bazinga!" with audio of Sheldon doing his "Muhahahaha!" in the background. Seriously, we weren't really going to do that. Well, probably not. Glad you liked the analysis though!
  5. Searching for the "Holy Bazinga!" that started it all? Well, we at SheldonFan.com have, and we think we've come to a pretty good conclusion about its origin. Have a look: Origin of Sheldon Cooper's "Bazinga!" What do you think? Also, a few spoilers regarding upcoming episodes have been revealed in the E!Online "Spoiler Chat." BEWARE as there is a Wil Wheaton spoiler that you may not want to hear, however.
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