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  1. Excellent episode!! I really laughed a lot with this episode! I loved the stuff with Raj and Howard at the end. Classic stuff!! Raj is so clueless and Howard looked angry!
  2. I want to see more sience and I hope those days are not gone. Without the science and geerk/nerd culture it just becomes an average sit-com.
  3. I really do not think they will reveal her last name. If they do reveal it, I think a good way to do it would be in the last season if Penny and Leonard are going to get married I could see Penny not wanting to change her last name and causing a fight between her and leonard. That would give them the opportunity to reveal it. OR A good joke would be that Penny doesn't want to change her last name because she like her own last name better than Hofstadter but they still do not reveal it to the audience. It would drive people nuts!
  4. I really liked the episode!!! Very good and I had some good laugh out loud moments! I hope they are getting rid of Raj's fear of talking to women. It was alright at first but has grown old and stale and the character needs to grow.
  5. Man was that a great episode!! "four hairy breasts" I almost fell off the couch laughing!! Howard was on fire tonight!!
  6. I loved the spisode too. Very solid and funny! I must say I am so glad Mayim is on the show as Amy. She adds so much to this series I am glad they have her!!
  7. I have said before if Sheldon and Penny get together I will stop watching. As far as the Friends reference, I never cared for that show.
  8. That is not Flash Gordon. Is is The Flash a totally different character.
  9. Alll I know is I want to see the last scene being with Sheldon and Leonard turning off the lights to their now empty apartment. Thre end.
  10. I really enjoyed the episode. Very funny although some moments made me cringe!
  11. When the show began they were all single and in their late 20s. What do the majority of people in their 20s do? They find mates and form long term relationships. I enjoy watching these characters grow and I love the characters of Amy & Bernadette they have added much humor and depth to the show. I fear without these changes the show would have stagnated and died.
  12. Very good episode. Touching and funny at the same timne, a nice mixture. Sometimes they can really whine and complain about one another and it is episodes like this that remind us why they are all friends.
  13. BillF63


    I just want to see more balance. I don't want to see her become a Pollyanna but nor do I want to see her become a Queen Bitch. Some balance is needed.
  14. BillF63


    I am rewatching season 1 right now and I said to me wife today. Wow, Penny was so much nicer then and they have really turned her into a bit of a Bitch! I hate that word and I hate to use it but I do think it is accurate. I do hope the writers soften her up a bit!
  15. I understand that these stations cut the episode so they can run more commercials. It really doesn't bother me since I watch the DVDs over and over again!
  16. It is real simple, Sheldon has such a superiority complex that everyone and everything is beneath him!
  17. BillF63

    Sheldon's Spot

    Since Sheldon does have OCD and I have a wife with severe OCD, the OCD can be irrational and random. So for Sheldon with his OCD a prime spot at work isn't part of his OCD makeup.
  18. It wasn't a bad episode. I call it a throw away episode or a filler episode. The whole thing with Raj/Howard's mother was funny and the fights between Leonard and Sheldon were alright but it seems like we've been down this road before.
  19. 16/16 18330 points! Yes, this was extremely easy.
  20. I am one who thinks the show is getting better! Seasons 1-3 were great. Season 4 was not that bad but the Pria story line wasn't that great. However seasons 5 & 6 have been just as good as the other seasons in my opinion. I like how the characters are growing or not growing. I think the addition of Amy and Bernadette has really helped the show grow. I like the fact that Sheldon is slowly changing but that he is still Sheldon. I like Penny & leonard Part II. The first time they were together I felt they lacked chemistry. Now I feel they do match each other well. Howard was/is dominated by his mother, the fact that his wife now dominates him is funny! As a therapist I am well aware of the theories which say we often marry someone that reminds us of one of our parents and I am glad to see that acted out in this show. So I watch the show still because I love the premise, I love the characters and want to see what happens to them and I want to see them grow and change. The scripts are still funny and it makes me laugh.
  21. When the show was on Monday I think it came after Two and a Half Men, a show I started to watch in re-runs. TBBT would be on but I didn't pay attaention to it. I would play my guitar waiting for the next show Rule of Engagement to come on. All I could remember was seeing Johnny Galecki and he being the only person I recognized. The other thing I remember seeing was all of them running in between two apartments and i was confused to what was going on. Then one day I saw the bath gift hypothesis and being a huge Star Trek fan I was hooked! Been watching ever since.
  22. This is a just a dream of mine but I would like to see the actress Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project) play Raj's girlfriend. I know she has her own show but I think shje is so cute and would be perfect for Raj.
  23. I was thinking about the DVD after the first episode of season 6!!
  24. The show how i met your mother frequently calls back to other eposodes. I like that and I wouldn't mind if TBBT did that a little more.
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