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  1. i speak english i'm learning italian at school i go onto Spanish websites and try to learn it i learnt indonesian for the last 6 years of my life i know the Korean alphabet i am learning Klingon (does that count) and i can say a few words in Japanese and i can speak Gibberish (LOL)
  2. hey does anyone here watch Heroes?
  3. Aliens barbie curious george dear john evolution fired up
  4. yes, have you ever watched a whole season of a show on dvd in 1 day
  5. i would like to see sheldon: dancing at a party having to go into a public bathroom eating a lemon having to sit next to a homeless dirty, smelly man going on a plane
  6. (knock, knock, knock) penny! (knock, knock, knock) penny! (knock, knock, knock) penny!
  7. do u mean past 7pm, coz i doubt there's any before. geeky shows/sci-fi shows i watch are doctor who torchwood heroes fringe stargate atlantis stargate universe fringe
  8. V (it really is a TV show) Wife Swap X-files
  9. love it! ncis is so good. i have a special talent with that show, if i look at any character i can guess if they are evil or not. or maybe its obvious to everyone. hints: if a person is: overly cheerful too friendly asks to much questions all ways there acts to stupid and clueless THEN THEY ARE EVIL! i love the show, i wanna work for NCIS
  10. walter's so funny. i like the observer, he is very creepy. i liked i season 1 how john scot was haunting oliva, so strange. and leonard nimoy, it was so funny, because i was watching the bit where oliva went through to the other universe and then i heard his distinctive voice and i'm like OH MY GOD ITS SPOCK!!!!
  11. you constantly repeat the quotes throughout the day. you tell your friends every week what the episode you watched was about you go around asking people at your school/work if they watch the big bang theory ask your maths teacher to explain what physics is and see if he tells the story that sheldon told on The Gorilla Experiment episode. you buy big bang theory T shirts you google stuff to do with the big bang theory every day you make an email address thats called '[email protected]_____.com'. when someones hurt the best thing you can say is 'there there'. you play 'rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock.' if something happens in life that resembles an episode you say to someone 'did you see the episode where _______' you sing the themesong everyday you bother to learn the whole theme you have the theme on your ipod you try to blow people up using your mind
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