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  1. about the Howard's losing virginity, your theory is possible. But about the elevator, in season one, Leonard tells the guys (Howard, Raj and Sheldon) about the elevator being broken for 2 years. And we know they were all there when Leonard exploded the elevator.
  2. a short quite that says it all: "there there"
  3. Beside BBT, I really like Anime shows.and of course those that have anything to do with comic books! but sci-fi shows never appealed to me much.
  4. Here's the thing. This show's gonna be on air for several seasons. So you may witness various ups and downs in Penny/Leo/other guys relations to make the story go. It would be kinda like Ross and Rachel in friends. My guess is that they will hook up permanently (maybe even marry) on the last episode. Cuz despite what the real fans like to watch, the show is becoming like e soap more and more... unfortunately!
  5. Ok. I post this thread to discuss the mistakes in the storyline. personally, I found 2 of them. 1- In season 1 Leonard says that the elevator has been broken for about 2 years (in the episode where they get a time machine). In season 3, when Leonard is telling Penny about his history with Sheldon, you can conclude that the elevator broke about seven years ago. Considering the time between these two episodes, the date of elevator breakdown differ about 3-4 years! 2- In season 3, the first appearance of Bernadette, Howard says he lost his virginity in a corolla, while in the same season when he gets high in the desert with Leo and Raj, he says he lost it to his cousin at home. Now it could be that Howard was lying to Bernadette to get laid, but he didn't seem to be lying to me!
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