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  1. I should have explained my earlier post a little better. I just used PP's other 2 episodes as examples to show that not every episode has been based on what time of year or day it is. With respect to Penny not currently being employed, We know that in Episode 14 (The Convention Conundrum) that she has not found another job. For whatever reason the writers don't find this to be of too much importance since Episodes 15 thru 17 make no mention of her employment. I imagine before Season 7 ends there will be at least 1 episode that delves into this subject.
  2. Not every episode is based on a time or a seasonal part of the year variant. Professor Proton's first 2 episodes had no time of year aspect to it. Other then the date they aired those two episodes, it was irrelevant if it was the fall, winter or spring outside because the time of year didn't play into the storylines.
  3. Thanks for the taping report. I'm really excited about the L/P scenes. With respect to the proposal I take it as a joke. I really enjoyed L/P's discussion about the subject. The L/S scenes with the hugs AWWWW PP/S dream scenes, even in death PP just can't get a break HA HA HA Looking forward to this episode.
  4. With another 3.5 seasons to go L/P will have their ups and downs but a break up is pretty remote IMO. Leonard and Penny will both do some stupid things but in the end they most likely be together. They love and care about each other.
  5. My apologies to anybody who read my last post, I forgot what thread I was on so I have deleted it This is a great episode for Shamys and Lennys. Based on the shows ratings the vast majority of the fan base will enjoy the episode. If the fan base didn't like where the show is heading they would have stopped watching TBBT a number of years ago. The Lenny and the Shamy have been going on since season 3 and season 4 and the ratings have only grown since then. Ratings don't lie, the fan base has spoken.
  6. I'm glad everything worded out for Leonard and Penny. If Sheldon thinks that L/P would have him live with them for the rest of their lives he has truly lost his marbles.
  7. This was a very sweet episode. The L/P interaction was fabulous. Leonard showing Amy Sheldon's screen saver with her on it was very sweet. Penny's facial reaction to Amy suggesting that with Leonard out of the way she would go for Sheldon was spot on. In the dream scene they kind of made Penny a bit to bimbo-ish but Sheldon was his usual clueless and non sexually attracted self which was very funny. Overweight Leonard and Raj was actually believable with Raj's cooking skills.
  8. I really enjoyed last night's episode. L/P were sweet and lovely as usual.
  9. I'm sorry but Sheldon looks like a Eunuch in that photo
  10. I'm glad Leonard said what he said when Penny proposed to him. He didn't take advantage of the situation and was looking out for Penny and their relationship by not answering yes. Hopefully next week's taping will continue with this storyline. I believe Penny will be remorseful about the proposal.
  11. Penny doesn't and has never looked at Sheldon as someone she would want to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with and because she knows him so well she never will. Penny has a brotherly/friendship kind of feelings for him.
  12. Exactly, what everyone here and on the other forums and tumblr need to realize is that all of us who post on these websites amount to a few hundred to maybe a thousand people (there could be more of us than that, though I don't believe much more) and this includes people all over the world. This show in the United States alone is watched by over 20 million people. With 99.999 % of the fans of this show not posting online and still watching every week I don't think they have too many issues with the show. Like Rick said with the ratings being what they are TPTB will continue with business as usual. Now that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't continue posting are arguments, opinions, enjoyments, complaints and disagreements amongst ourselves.
  13. Let me lead that Leonard (along with Penny) is my favorite character. However it was wrong for Leonard, Raj and Howard to falsify the Article data to Sheldon even though they kept the real data as well. When Penny came in to find out what L/S were arguing about she was initially shocked at how Sheldon reacted to Leonard's test results. With L/P being a couple she also has had to put up with Sheldon's displeasure about his mistaken discovery. In the end, Leonard didn't take away Sheldon's discovery because he didn't discover anything.
  14. I would think that Sheldon would have learned his lesson from what happened with Dr. Stephen Hawking about not publishing anything until verifying his calculations of his discovery. When he recognized his mistake you would think that he would want to verify the results from the Chinese team by running his own tests. Leonard on the other hand (who was proud that Sheldon had theoretically discovered the element) after watching his friend agonizing about his discovery for countless weeks decided to do something about it. So he did some tests using Sheldon's theory and was unable to create the element. He then went further to find out why he didn't and the Chinese did to probably make sure he hadn't made an error or overlooked something. Now he is only doing this because Sheldon continued to complain and whine about all the attention he was getting.
  15. Leonard was by far the best part of the episode. Johnny played it very well. Like Penny said "every night you don't kill him in his sleep he wins". HA HA HA
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