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  1. Ah yes, a post from a Leonard/Amy bashing Romantic Shenny about this episode. I get it, there were no Shenny scenes so obviously the episode must suck (sarcasm). Just one question, was the " horse faced Amy" comment really necessary?
  2. Going back to season 2 The Classified Materials Turbulence episode where Penny shouts out Leonard's name while she's kissing Stuart, there is no doubt that Leonard has been in Penny's heart ever since.
  3. Leonard will live with Sheldon until he marries Penny. Also, I just don't see TPTB rebuilding the 3 central sets of the show Penny's and L/S apartments and the stairway into different sets.
  4. Absolutely, Leonard and Penny are awesome
  5. Another great L/P moment in Penny's apartment. I really enjoyed this episode.
  6. Let me just say how much I enjoyed seeing L/P cuddling on the couch during last night's episode. After the way last week's episode ended this just shows how strong of a couple they have become. They can have their arguments and disagreements just like all couples but in the end they kiss and make up and move on together. I can guarantee that they weren't watching the Hobbit last night.
  7. It's really great to find out all the romantic things Leonard has done for Penny. It would be nice to show these kind of interactions once in a while. I really like that Penny remembered the book even though Leonard had already bought it.
  8. It was really sweet seeing Penny missing Leonard. It's great that Leonard has had a great time on the expedition especially for his career. Nick, It's so obvious that S/P is a brother/sister relationship in this show and these first 2 episodes only confirm it. Let them live in their own world because it will never happen in this one.
  9. They probably keep the snuggie over at Penny's apartment where they can in a private setting wrap up in it together when there practicing their shared body heat moments.
  10. I'm very happy we get a L/P cuddling scene for this episode. I also enjoyed L/P teaming up on Sheldon about his relationship with Amy.
  11. Sorry but I have to put my two cents in. Sheldon and Penny aren't romantic at all and there is nothing there with S/P either but somehow you want the show to go in that direction. I'm no Shamy Shipper but Amy is not the worst girlfriend choice for Sheldon. Besides there is no other choice except maybe Leonard. HA HA HA
  12. I love Leonard and Penny. They are not perfect but they work great together and have excellent chemistry with each other in my opinion. Leonard/Sheldon would work better as a couple than Penny/Sheldon ever would.
  13. Exactly. L/P aren't perfect but they are perfect for each other. They truly love each other. Penny is with the person she wants to be with and his name is Leonard.
  14. Penny called Leonard's mom, she really is in love with him.
  15. Leonard loves being with Penny and one of the ways he likes to show these feelings with Penny is by having sex with her. So Penny rocks Leonard's world in the bedroom and it must be pretty awesome for her as well.
  16. This could be a future episode possibility.
  17. Exactly, S/P's relationship is brother/sister type of relationship to me. That's all it will ever be and in my opinion this is what TPTB are showing and stating with these episodes.
  18. I can't wait to see the hug and kiss scene when Leonard surprises Penny in her apartment. L/P's romantic chemistry is always off the charts.
  19. Penny has spent the last 3 or 4 months with Sheldon and as usual and expected she cannot wait for Leonard to get back. S/P is such a brother/sister to friendship relationship. Sheldon just has to learn that Leonard's life will revolve more around Penny's then his.
  20. Leonard and Penny will be in a loving relationship Sheldon and Amy will be in whatever they are in now Raj will score with some woman Howard and Bernadette may have a baby scare but she won't be pregnant because TPTB have no desire to have a baby cast on the show.
  21. Yes, they have 2 pages of script involving a Pizza boy. It's a L/P/S scene in Penny's apartment.
  22. They are hogging each other from Sheldon.
  23. Well it looks from the sides info that Leonard will be back home for episode 2 which means we will be getting some great L/P interaction. Now there is an outside chance that he could show up at the end of the season premiere. But this is speculation on my part.
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