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  1. The big question is will they go there with Sheldon and Amy.
  2. Quote from Sursonica "As Spaced_up over the years I've talked to a lot of Shenny shippers who absolutely adore the vapo-rub soft-kitty scenes and the Penny drugged up and having Sheldon singing it to her and yet despise Guitarrist Amplification and Spaguetti Catalist (the Disneyland scene) and I always wonder "what's the difference?" because I don't really see one. Penny is treating him like a child on all of those situations. I understand that probably it has to do with in case a) one of the parts of your ship rubbing the chest of the other part of your ship and both sharing the same physical space of a bed probably makes a difference as the shipping heart probably beats faster at the sight of physical contact but the dynamic remains the same. She is treating him like a child on all of those instances. So again, I don't really understand how the same dynamic is taken differently. And in this case, it is not a case of the line between childish and child-like, because really, having someone rub vapo-rub on the chest while singing a nursery song has always been on the child-like territory." I so agree with this statement I never had a any problem with the first 3 Seasons version of Soft Kitty but Season 4's version where Penny sings to the Shelbot was lousy and if they never did soft kitty again I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  3. You Shamy fans and us Lenny fans have nothing to fear about a Shenny scene or scenes in the Season 7 premiere episode. The Romantic Shenny will not happen. Like Molaro said Penny plays a sisterly motherly figure to Sheldon. Penny wants to be with Leonard and Sheldon wants to be with Amy.
  4. I'm dying to see how Leonard is handling this with Penny.
  5. I loved the British Comedy "Are You Being Served" . Ran from 1972-1983 I believe. Penny in no way should go out with Sheldon. They have no interest nor any desire to be in a romantic relationship. It makes no sense to put or force them to be together because it's not what the characters want. Sheldon and Penny have made their decisions known of who they want to be with in a relationship.
  6. Sheldon and Penny have very little in common and show no sexual interest in each other. I can't think of one scene between these two that has happened on the show where Sheldon and Penny are together because they just want to be around each other and no one else. There always appears to be a non romantic motive to their interaction. Examples: eating dinner, going to a store, watching a movie or show, asking for advice, getting a ride, Sheldon being at Penny's apartment because Leonard was having a date at L/S apartment, helping her with her penny blossoms, doing Laundry, walking up the steps together (because that is the only way they can get to their apartments) and I'm sure of missed a couple more that someone will mention.
  7. Just remember this everyone, the Leonard/Amy bashing Romantic Shenny's represent a insignificant subatomic percentage of TBBT fan base. They know they are irrelevant. Most Romantic Shenny's fans aren't like these extremists. Sheldon and Penny won't have an affair while Leonard is gone. Penny loves Leonard and is committed exclusively to him. L/P will be able to communicate with each other during his absence.
  8. Sheldon and Penny have no romantic chemistry. Sheldon has no interest in what Penny does. He believes that he is superior to her and constantly expresses this opinion to her. Penny would never put up with a person who feels this way about her. As the Sheldon and Penny characters are written Shenny could not happen.
  9. Wil started his twitter account about 5 or 6 years ago. Kaley has had her twitter account for less than 3 years. Besides Wil posts on his twitter account much more often then Kaley does.
  10. Thanks for Melissa's picture. No offense to the Jim Parsons fans but he just doesn't do it for me. HA HA HA Feel free to post more pics of Melissa and Kaley
  11. I wanted to give Leonard a high five when he went into Sheldon's room and slapped him the night before Professor Proton was coming.
  12. TBBT is awesome. L/P are back together and I'm really enjoying the show. The beginning of season 4 was TBBT at it's worst but since then it's been fantastic.
  13. 1. Leonard/Penny 2. Howard/Raj/Sheldon 3. Amy/Bernadette
  14. L/P will be able to communicate via the Internet. There won't be any cheating between these two. They Love each other.
  15. I really enjoyed watching L/P in last night's episode
  16. Oh Annieogly you are so funny. Ross and Rachel weren't in a relationship when that happened, L/P are and they romantically love each other.
  17. I really enjoyed L/P in this episode. Their foundation is getting stronger and stronger.
  18. Penny's first words to Leonard "I'm so glad (kiss kiss) your back because (kiss kiss) I've missed you so much (kiss kiss). By the way (kiss kiss) your roommate is nuts (kiss kiss) how the hell (kiss kiss)do you put with him (kiss kiss)"
  19. After reading Moyra description of how Penny shows and expresses her feelings about Leonard leaving, I know that I will enjoy this episode and I'm very confident my fellow L/P'rs will as well. The airport scene between L/P reads to be a warm and sad but very loving. Penny cracking her voice as she tells Raj she already misses Leonard is very touching.
  20. Me Too!!! By how the report reads Penny said ILY first which is a big thing for her.
  21. L/P are in a very good place unlike the start of this season which makes me very happy. I'm going to enjoy watching this episode.
  22. carl1970

    Sheldon's Spot

    I've actually sat in Sheldon's spot and it is comfortable, but Leonard's chair was also comfortable and Penny's couch was as well.
  23. I'm sorry but Soft Kitty lost it's mystique in Season 4 when Penny sang the song to Sheldon's robot. That scene was totally lame and ridiculous. Maybe Amy singing it to Sheldon will bring the mystique back but I don't know. Just my opinion.
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