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  1. Bob Newhart has to be playing the Arthur character for Episode 22 which they are rehearsing this week and taping next Tuesday. Bob tweeted that the guest star for this week's episode is a man who he has been a big fan of for many years and is not from science or science fiction which Bod isn't from, he is a comedian.
  2. Congratulations, I went to a taping last season and it was a blast.
  3. HA HA HA!!! That rumor is over 3 years old and was a total fabrication. It was completely busted when Kaley admitted it was Johnny she was dating though she and Johnny broke over 3 years ago and are now very good friends.
  4. For the flash mob scene Sheldon not getting involved played perfectly into his character who would not participate in such a thing. I would love to see the part about Kaley talking about the I Love You scene.
  5. I define it as the way two actors perform and play off each other in a scene. L/P (Johnny/Kaley) have fantastic chemistry. These two are the reason I got attached to the show.
  6. I really like that Penny went with Leonard to the memorial like the loving girlfriend she is.
  7. Thanks for the report Monique I really like how Penny offered to go the memorial service with Leonard and I can't wait to see her in her dress.
  8. I'm a guy- Lenny. These two characters hooked me onto the show.
  9. Kyzzx thanks for the taping report.
  10. Leonard is a man who is in love with his special lady.
  11. Penny has gone above and beyond the call of duty in putting up with Sheldon. With her relationship with Leonard she has learned to accept and for the most part tolerate Sheldon for who he is. Hopefully Sheldon will in the future learn to appreciate Penny and what different perspectives she alone brings into his life. L/P are a package deal for Sheldon.
  12. I like how proud Leonard looks watching Penny performing on stage.
  13. The fact is Leonard loves Penny and she loves him. She brings a different perspective to Leonard's life that he seems to have always wanted to do but was too afraid to by himself. With there being minimal L/P interaction the last 2 episodes I'm hoping for a L/P storyline with tomorrow's taping or at worst a storyline involving them with the group. Only 6 episodes left for this season.
  14. Sheldon talking about Penny's sex life on a FWF taping episode that he would post on YouTube for anyone to see, not cool at all Sheldon. Sheldon wanting to take electronic games to Penny's play because he didn't want to watch her performance, pretty rude and selfish Sheldon. Of course Leonard steps in and sticks up for his girlfriend Penny by taking those things away from Sheldon like the loving boyfriend he is.
  15. I agree. S/P can be funny but have absolutely no romanitc chemistry. They have a brother/sister type to at best an annoying antaganistic type friendship. I'm not even a Shamy fan. I think that Sheldon would prefer to have just platonic relationships period.
  16. The Romantic Shenny was created and only exists in fan-fiction written by a few fans of the show. What's really funny is The Romantic Shenny has nothing to do with TBBT tv show but somehow these few fans think it is. When Bill and Chuck were first asked this question of The Romantic Shenny they had no clue and idea what these fans were talking about thus answering all my questions. With reference to the tv show TBBT, there is no such thing as The Romantic Shenny, it simply doesn't exist.
  17. HA HA HA. That's because in mathematics anything divided by zero has no meaning or value. All anyone would have to do is ask Sheldon and Penny and they would both say the Romantic Shenny will never happen.
  18. If I do this it would be for my sister who is a big fan of the show. She decided about a year ago to go back to school for the first time since she graduated high school back in the 1990's. She enrolled at a community college and is due to graduate about year from now. I know she would really enjoy going and it would be one hell of a graduation present. Of course I would probably go with her. LOL
  19. LOL. Since I drive a company car I can lavish myself with these little treats. HA HA HA
  20. If this is truly legit, one of those $2500.00 pledges is very tempting.
  21. Thanks Kiru Breezy for the link. Thank's MJustheBOMB for the partial report and Thanks Krys for giving up your ticket.
  22. Kiru Breezy posted a link to MJustheBOMB partial taping report (the first 6 scenes) from last night's taping in the spoilers thread( It's Post #2478)
  23. Just when you think you've heard it all. If that's all there watching then they there missing one hell of a show in TBBT.
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