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  1. The idea of the Romantic Shenny has never existed on TBBT. It only exists in the mind of a few people who watch the show. For Chuck, Bill, the writers, Warner Bros and CBS it is a non issue that they don't even waste their time on. I know most Romantic Shenny fans realize it will never happen and that's why they write and/or read fan fiction. The Leonard/Amy bashing Romantic Shennys are their own worst enemy. They are the ones who go onto Mayim's facebook and twitter account to attack her character and tell her to leave TBBT because Amy is ruining their fantasy of Penny and Sheldon becoming a romantic couple. I imagine if Johnny tweeted and facebooked they would go on his website to attack Leonard as well.
  2. The couch scene with L/P had everything to do with the positioning the director had them in. They both had to sit at an angle because of the camera shot. They typically use 3 cameras to shoot a scene and instead of using the middle camera they used one of the side angling cameras to tape that part of the scene. Not a good job by the director and camera people.
  3. Oh don't worry, some end of the world wacko will somehow realize their mistake and recalculate a supposed new date for the end of the civilized world. I guess they figure if they throw enough stuff at a wall something is bound to stick. I'm really hoping for a Valentine's episode and for Leonard to meet William Shatner with Penny's help.
  4. The vast majority of the fan base doesn't want a romantic Shenny and neither do the writers and producers. If the romantic Shenny was such a big deal the ratings should be down since the end of season 4. When L/P got together in season 3 the ratings steadily went up. Even during season 4 when Pennny started admitting her feelings for Leonnard and Sheldon/Amy started getting closer the ratings continued to stay high. If the romantic Shenny was so popular then why didn't the ratings go down (remember syndication didn't start till season 5) and why wasn't the romantic Shenny brought up at the last 3 comic cons. Simple, there is no big following of this idea that has never existed on the show. Penny and Sheldon find the idea of them being together as nausiating, ludicrous and incomprehensible. Merry Christmas or happy holidays to the non Christians.
  5. Having Penny's and L/S's apartment accross the hallway from each other makes it probable that they will not move Penny into L/S's apartment or Leonard with Penny. The writers wont leave Sheldon alone in his apartment. Raj would have been the perfect option to move in with Sheldon however with Stuart became a more regular character I don't think this will happen now.
  6. I'll give 98 cents worth, TBBT does not have a Romantic Shenny agenda. Sorry Penny and Sheldon not going to happen.
  7. I'm hoping for a valentines Day episode this season especially for L/P. They haven't one filmed yet and if they do it would be taped during one of the three episodes being filmed in January.
  8. What's funny is that TBBT has never shown Penny or Sheldon wanting to be a couple. Sheldon and Penny have shown on many occasions that they don't want, don't have any desire nor do they ever think about being a couple. Both Sheldon and Penny would think the idea of them getting together as absurd. That's the facts. L/P for the win.
  9. Penny said I LoveYou to Leonard. It's the first time she has said that to anybody since TBBT began 5 1/2 seasons ago. That's huge for her to say this for as we know from Season 3 this is not a phrase she just throws out there. Penny is very guarded about using this phrase. We've had 3 episodes air since she has said I Love You to Leonard and from the interaction between L/P That we've seen in those 3 episodes, She has shown no signs of regretting it.
  10. Well we know one thing, the show has never set up, established and or implied the thought of the Romantic Shenny or Shenny. As a matter of fact the characters would have no idea what a Shenny is.
  11. Thanks for bringing the website over here Krys. Can I just say how excited I am for this episode after seeing those pictures and reading the taping report.
  12. Of course it's a game changer. When has she ever said I Love You at anyone on the show before. She is very guarded about using that phrase so for to say it is very significant. And since "The Love You" phrase we've had 3 episodes aired and she hasn't shown one hint of regret for saying this to Leonard. Penny loves her sweet Leonard
  13. It was an okay episode. Was I the only one rooting for Santa Claus during Sheldon's dream sequence?
  14. If I recall hasn't Sheldon said "I Love You" to Leonard a couple of times
  15. There are no facts from any scenes in TBBT to support that Sheldon or Penny have any romantic feelings for each other or want to end up together. There are many facts from scenes that state and reinforce just the opposite. The idea of the Romantic Shenny only exists in the minds of some fans.TBBT in no way has implied or shown that they would or want to go down this path.
  16. Leonard and Sheldon have great chemistry and are comedic gold but I don't see a movement to get them together.
  17. Hey MJustheBOMB and Kyzzx any good behind the scene stuff and/or bloopers to report?
  18. Yes, this episode should be very good and I have read the taping report as well but my lips are sealed.
  19. Thank You Kyzzx for the report and MjustheBOMB for the tidbits last night. This sounds like a fantastic episode. The guys and girls all in this together in their seperate storylines. Would have liked to see the girls comforting their men but that would have left Raj out in the cold so maybe it was better to end it like they did. I can imagine L/P having a fantastic night with each other
  20. Sheldon and Penny are in no way compatible as a boyfriend girlfriend. As the characters are and have been written it wont happen.
  21. Sheldon telling Amy to sign the Relationship Agreement if she wanted him to be her boyfriend is what I call Manipulation. If he was sick he would make Amy do all the things he did to her including giving him a sponge bath.
  22. After Season's 4 Penny's singing soft kitty to his robot debacle the Soft Kitty idea lost it's magic to me. I think Penny and Amy singing it is a great idea.
  23. I wonder with the Relationship Agreement stating that Sheldon and Amy have to take care of each other when they are sick if it will be Amy to sing Soft Kitty to Sheldon. So far Penny has sang it 3 times, the last being season 4 when she sang to Sheldon's robot. Penny singing Soft Kitty to his robot was a terrible idea. It was completely ridiculous and ruined it for me. Then last season (season 5) his mommy sang it to him. With Amy in a relationship with Sheldon now I don't see Penny singing it to him anymore because why would she. The only way I see Penny singing it again would be in an ensemble with Amy as a sort of passing the torch theme. Let's not forget the most OOC idea about this show would be S/P having a romantic relationship. Friendship yes, romantic no.
  24. Episode 12 The Egg Salad Equivalency was taped December 5th. It's a L/P centered episode. This Tuesday Episode 13 will be taped. We know so far that Leonard's car gets stolen and the guys are dressed in Star Trek Next Generations outfits. They probably went to a Star Trek convention. These 2 episodes won't air till January 2013 though. Episode 11 The Santa Simulation will be the last new episode to air this year this coming Thursday.
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