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  1. This is the first time I find Johnny good-lookin. He is! Jim is always sexy.
  2. Yes, he is! :D And quite a cutie too
  3. little, what do you mean? He's a small man, but I don't get it...
  4. Hanna Wolowitz


    I truly believe Penny loves Leonard, and since she's never felt this way, she's too terrified to admit that even to herself. But she'll be so scared of losing the only love of life that she'll say the L word and they will get back together. At least that's what I hope.
  5. Whyyy??? He looks so freakin' cute in it! I love his hair and he's so funny! I just love him! :D
  6. OHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was really looking forward to seeing him in that movie, but every time I had something else to do... Thank you so much for the link!
  7. Incredible Season Finale!!! Sheldon goes out on a date, Penny hooks up with Leonard e Howard/Raj have more lines than usual. Perfect.
  8. There should be more Howard + Raj scenes. The should be more awkward silences and real proves of friendship between the two. There should be more Howard + Raj going to bars, meeting women, getting into trouble, sticking up for each other...
  9. Maybe there could be a pretty girl who likes Howard and they get together. He's so in love that he proposes (we know he'd do that!) and she accepts! Know he doesn't know how to get rid of her, because he didn't think that through.
  10. Au contraire! If our main goal is to boldly go where no man has gone before, that's exactly the topic we should be discussing!
  11. Did someone say... Sheldon??? WHERE? WHERE?!
  12. Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart and Zachary Quinto.
  13. Hanna Wolowitz


    hahaha gotcha! Loved the episode reference.
  14. Did someone say... cheesecake??? WHERE? WHERE?!
  15. I have to say, I'm happy Howard broke up with Bernadette. I know she's the right girl for him, but I admit I feel a little jealous when she's around. That physicist/nymphomaniac Plimpton really made me go lol. I was surprised that Leonard slept with her right after breaking-up with Penny, but it's ok... he's a man, she's a beautiful woman... I literally went :D when she said "hot, brown and sweet" when referring to Raj. That's how I like him!
  16. This reminds me of this picture: Howard *loves*
  17. That's quite possible, and quite dreamy too She would make the most perfect Meemaw ever! She so loveable and funny!
  18. Movie and Game. A girl just can't get enough of her nerds.
  19. PrincessCharming, I see you got yourself a knight! Well, I guess you won't be needing Howard, am I right?
  20. *Spoiler Alert!* I loved this episode! Of course, it's not the best... but it's really good. That scene where Raj talks with Leonard about not having sex for one year just cracks me up! I literally couldn't stop laughing for 5 whole minutes. There wasn't too much Raj/Howard action, which is a shame, but I liked when Sheldon escorted Howard downstairs. There are so few scenes with Howard interacting with Sheldon, I wish there were more... they're two opposite personalities, I just love seeing the contrast. I love how Sheldon keeps getting closer and closer to Penny. I know it's a silly thing, but I think they would make an awesome couple!
  21. Even though he appears for only a couple of seconds, it's an interesting video. I liked the accent of the actors! He was so nice, as usual. YAY Johnny
  22. Have just finished watching the video, gotta say, Kaley is an lovely young woman, great actress and just really nice! Very funny interview and I love just how genuine she sounds. Maybe it's because she's a great actress, I don't know. Anyway, she's awesome.
  23. I just can't decide who looks sillier: Howard, Raj or Leonard. I'm gonna go with Howard.
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