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  1. Well I am a male...so I cannot honestly answer that question. I guess to some people...in his own way...he might be...??? But lets just say when you see this episode you will like him even more...if that is possible. You will see him like you have never seen him before. Actually you will see all the characters in a new light. Stay tuned!
  2. Simon Update******* In this episode Simon was...well being Simon! The episode mostly focused on Leonard and Sheldon...and how they came to be roommates. Howard and Raj don't really show up until later because Leonard has not met them yet...and then they are thrust into the world of Sheldon! They try to get away from him at their first encounter and this is what segues to the scene in Howard's bedroom as he shows off his rocket collection to the guys. Yes...we hear from Mrs. Wolowitz...and by the way we saw the actress that portrays her...so now we have face to go with that "lovely" voice. Maybe some day the producers will have Mrs. Wolowitz appear onscreen...now she would be a match for Sheldon!
  3. Hello....just back from our visit to the set of "The Big Bang Theory" at Warner Bros tonight. A very fun episode indeed...plus we also viewed the episode that airs before....lots of changes in store before this season comes to a close...no spoilers here! Our visit was fun and we were brought into the studio with the first group...we were on the "guest list"...woo hoo! On our way to the set we spotted one of the cast members of "The Mentalist" heading out in his fancy sports car...it was Owain Yeoman who plays agent Rigsby...so that was a bonus to our visit. Always keep your eyes peeled when visiting a working studio!!! We were seated in the studio pretty much in the center...allowing for a great view as the crew moved from one area of the set to another. Before taping began we were shown the episode that airs before tonight's. It had a big surprise for us in the audience...apparently continuing a major plot development from an episode that has yet to air...don't want to spill any beans here...let's just say Leonard is not a happy camper... Tonight's episode was a flashback explaining how Leonard came to live with Sheldon...so it answers many questions (except for why Sheldon is such a pain)...all told by way of present day Leonard talking to Penny. We will say that it was fun to see all the cast as they looked pre-move in. The only one that did not change was Sheldon...hmmm! At the halfway point in taping they served pizza and water. It took about three hours to shoot the episode. Not many mess ups...but the best one was in Howard's bedroom and it involved a mouth full of Oreo cookies. I really don't want to give too much away on this one. Oh...one other item...I'll give this one up..we do find out what happened to the building's elevator...and who is responsible for its demise. At the end of taping the cast was introduced and they hung around for a short while. We were able to get Johnny's autograph and came very close to getting Kaley's but she had to scurry off. Kunal was around but eventually went backstage...looked like they were having a post-show pow wow on the Sheldon/Leonard apartment set. This was a great time...can't wait to see the final edited episode!
  4. mc1989

    Live Taping

    Hey fellow Big Bangers... I will be attending a taping this coming Tuesday 3/30 of The Big Bang Theory. Looking forward to it. I can report back then. Until then...Bazinga!!!!
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