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  1. The guy from the university, Kripke, he's so annoying... And in the greatest moments, when Sheldon decides that the world would not survive without him and his greatness, Kripke always shows up (unless Leslie does it before him... huh) and spoils everything
  2. I don't really see how I could pick anyone else. Sheldon!!! Jim Parsons that is. I love him for these little moments like all the Bazingas.. oh and when last time he was told that he won an award, his smile was just incredibly sweet.
  3. Come on, I mean, drunk Sheldon singing the elements song was just hillarious :D And the x-men variation... I loved this ep, especially after those before it were rather poorly written.
  4. WorldTwirler


    Does anyone watch? What do you think will happen at the end? Will Casey get his badge back? Will Sara go to DC? The show has changed so much this season... Hope it's for the good, but can't decide yet.
  5. Hello everyone I've been watching TBBT for about a month now, and I've already caught up with all the episodes. So far my favourites are these with Leonard's mother. And I love all the Bazinga moments!
  6. I like Friends Theme, but my favourite is the melody from Dexter. It's awesome
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