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  1. Had it's moments but wasn't as good as the first (I thought the first was above ave but not quite to the good mark - keep in mind, I'm a middle aged gamer so the humor would appeal to me more than most...gauge your potential reactions accordingly).

    Don't pay full price.

    Don't buy it on blu-ray.


  2. The most annoying thing about Twilight is that it has Michael Sheen (Another one of my favourite actors) in it. (I wonder how many actors called Michael I'll start liking?) 

    When I first saw him in it I said out loud: ''What are you doing, Sheen? selling your soul to the Devil!'' But his reputation has not been damaged.  In fact he added a little more respectability to the films!


    Robert Pattinson (Yuck)  and Whatever-she's-called will never live it down though, I bet. Like Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter. But that's nothing to be ashamed of.


    I saw a remake of Dawn of the Dead that I actually really liked. Remakes aren't usually good.


    I know these probably aren't Sci-Fi per se but I do like Guillermo Del Toro's films, particularly Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy II.

    Pan's was great. Wasn't a fan of HB2.

    Dawn of the Dead the remake was pretty decent. Did you watch the extras at the end? The gun store guy's diary was hilarious.

  3. I've seen one episode; it had one of my favourite actors, Michael Emerson, in it. I really liked the episode but I'm not sure that was because of the his presence or the actual show itself! I can always rent it from the ol' Library. That's if they will bother to get it in.

    I didn't list Xfiles in the movies/TV cause I didn't really consider it SciFi but it's close.

    There are some flat out fantastic episodes of X Files. Flat OUT fantastic. 

    Off the top of my head (I have the complete collection but has been some years since I've watched them all), the vampire one was hilarious. The Men in Black was amazing. The Genie in the rug episode, great stuff! The insurance salesman who can tell when people are going to die. The guy with amazing luck. 


    WWZ the book is amazing. The king of zombie books. The movie should be shot for sullying the name of WWZ.

  4. I'm certainly awkward. I guess it doesn't help that people have made negative points about my appearance in the past. I don't have any major hang-ups about my appearance really... I'm just very self-depracating. The Fan Art thread shows evidence of this too!

    pft, haters gunna hate. People, no matter how physically beautiful they are, have people on the internet giving them crap about how they look. You're cute. Deal with it! =P



    Loving your pics Vasu!! striking a pose! :D


    Here's me, never really sure what to do with the Christmas lights during the rest of the year



    You're one fine looking tumor! 

    I like the Star Trek flare look lol.

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  5. Holy crap, 18 pages? Really? lol

    Such nerds!


    Steam summer sale over a couple weeks ago. 

    Picked up Sniper Elite, Nazi Zombies edition!


    Torchlight 2 (what Diablo 3 should have been)

    Endless Space

    Faster than Light (heard good things about that one)

    Kinetic Void

  6. Finished Snow Crash (if you liked the Neuromancer series, give this one a shot).

    Finished another from the same author, Crypto-nomicon. Interesting read (1200 pages, too). Multiple story lines based in 2 times (WW2 and current). Centered more around code breaking than anything else. Pretty good.

    Next is Patient Zero. Zombies!

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  7. Soooo many.

    Movies: Blade Runner, 2001:A Space Odyssey, Alien/Aliens, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Firefly, Gattaca, District 9, 5th Element, Matrix, Starship Troopers, Total Recall (remake, not so much)....those off the top of my head.


    Ender's Game, Hammer's Slammers, Neuromancer series, The Mote in God's Eye, Lucifer's Hammer, 

    Admittedly I haven't read much SciFi, especially the classics.

  8. There are a fair number of reasons to scribble stuff down.

    If you take damage, you need to keep track of it. Some people keep track of their kills. Some GMs (very few do this that I've found) want their players to justify their xp at the end of an adventure so you have to note down all the misc stuff you've done. Then there are the notes on the actual adventure so you're not losing your place or forgetting some bit of info. If you use arrows, you should remove them from your inventory. 

  9. Love is an odd choice to describe it. I respect them. As long as my government is armed with them, then I believe we (civilians) should as well. 
    If I had the option of making ALL guns disappear, would I? Very tempting...


    Got my first one this year.

  10. So everybody's favourite characters die?


    Actually it is. It's called tension and these books have it. How many damn pages are in the WoT series and how many main characters die? Every time Rand, Matt or that third dude got in trouble (or pretty much any of the main/submain characters) I wasn't worried at all. No chance of death. 

    With Martin, every time a character you give a crap about gets in trouble, you're #(*$ing praying that character doesn't die. Your prayers aren't always answered. 

    If your particular fav character dies and you quit the series because of it, ah well! The series isn't about any one character (well, it MIGHT be but we won't find out till the end), it's about a Song of Fire and Ice. The flaw isn't in the story, it's in the reader.

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