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  1. I was able to catch it this time around. It was OK. Kinda of lop sided with the attractive girls vs attractive (well, what I'd assume to be) guys lol. I liked the challenges. Pretty cool setup. Not sure about the drama stuff. Seems like it can get old fast. Interesting backgrounds, though! Talk about a sweet line up of jobs.
  2. Dead Man Down. Looks pretty good! Same director who did Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the US version). Loving the Floyd cover.
  3. Went from 68 degrees on Wed to 20 on Thursday! 5 today! I hate Ohio weather.
  4. Oh thank the Gods, Net lol. You had me worried. =P Radagast was a blurb in the book, really.
  5. Damnit, I keep forgetting to record this show! /grumble
  6. I pop in a couple times a week. I'd come on more often if it was busier. =P
  7. You liked this one more than any of the LotR ones? ...
  8. I like the storage wars one is decent. Doomsday Preppers is interesting. I liked Ink Master. Nightmare Tattoos is good as well. Amazing what they can pull off. The Pawn shows are good, too. Not a big fan of the Detroit one (they seem pretty sleazy) but the Vegas one is pretty good.
  9. Being the picky bastard I am, I was only really able to find 2 minor things that irked me about the movie. *SEMISPOILERS* 1) He's on the 3rd floor of an apartment building that, somehow, has a 3-4' deep floor safe. 2) The scar on the arm said to be at the address in 15 minutes. However, since there is no way to know when the person will see it, it should have given a specific time.
  10. Famous living people I assume. Penny Brad Pitt Joss Whedon Natalie Portman George Lucas (he's gunna get a talking to!) Yes, I'm shallow. All movie/TV related stuff. I like my dinner conversations light (well, except for Lucas...Jarjar? WTH WERE YOU THINKING, MAN!?)
  11. I was raised by the TV. Hard to pick a fav but a lot of the ones I liked: Star Trek + Next Gen (early Deep Space 9 - Tribbles and Tribulations ftw!) X-Files Bab5 Friends Seinfeld Dexter BBT That 70s Show True Blood Battlestar Galactica (new version) CSI (the original only) NCIS Doctor Who (I was only able to catch SOME of the old series as a kid) old and new (I own all the new ones) Scrubs Married with Children Alf Kid ones: (that I can remember right off) Far Star Blazers Voltron Scooby Do Starship Troopers (the CGI series) Silver Spoons
  12. BBTfan

    Cloud Atlas

    Yhea, I wanted to catch it on the big screen but missed out.
  13. Probably not, Wal, knowing Smith lol.
  14. I used to have a Voodoo board, too! Thing was smoke'en!
  15. BBTfan


    Software being what it is, making the games are fairly easy. The rougher bits are the minimovies a lot of games have (like Starcraft and the like) take a lot of work to put together (STILL don't understand wtf Blizzard was doing with SC2, they took forEVER to get that out). So yhea, I agree. I expect a lot of games to be coming out of the little companies. BTW that one kickstarter is up to 1,800,000+ now! lol
  16. I play Skyrim type games for killen stuff and lewts. Although it's, apparently, very glitchy and exploitive for a game that has been out as long as it has. I guess they're just not into patching it. Also, I guess the smithing and enchanting makes you, basically, godlike at higher levels and pretty much breaks the game. I played Bloodbowl LONG ago (20ish years?) and I still remember what the skinks are. How sad is that? Fun game.
  17. Great movie! Much much better than I was expecting (piss poor previews, although with this kind of plot, not much they could have really done about it). So if you're looking for a good sci-fi movie to catch, give it a shot!
  18. Best part was meeting all her Xes. His usual banter was up to snuff. I just thought some of it was just too much to the point of silly. Been awhile since I've seen it.
  19. Hope you like it, Jacks. Honestly, I'm too critical of movies (and books, games...yhea, OK of everything). I wish I wasn't like this and just enjoyed everything I saw. I'd be a much happier person! lol And Net, I didn't know you were famous! Wonder if Google has it on file...
  20. BBTfan


    Ouch! That sucks. Apparently Ireland is really trying to encourage the computer biz. Apparently they (the company I backed in KS) are going to apply for a grant that, basically, will match startup funds (in this case, their KS total). Since they're working out of their home (and most of them in one home) they have little to no overhead and since they're the only employees, no real payroll to worry about. Hope it works out for them.
  21. Thanks! I talked to some kid who has a lv 81 archer. Gave a bunch of advise. Said the one hander was a pita skill to cap. Bow or 2H was the best/fastest way to go. He was big into Smithing and Enchanting (for duel enchanting, specifically). I'm not too keen on the archery (half the time I can't tell if the arrows are hitting the target, to be honest) so went with the 2H. Yhea, the dragons are running amok now. I've got 12k gold on me and trying to get the custom house going from the hearth expansion. So you can be in all the misc guilds/cults? I assume you can't do both vampire and the dawn hunters... One of my co workers said you should go assassin because they get some kinda crazy horse mount?
  22. I went 2 handed heavy armor. Side skills I'm boosting (when I can't do those 2) are healing and bow. REALLY not sure where I should be going or doing first. I have the vampire expansion and the hearth one. The good thing about getting in on a game late is that if I get stuck on something, there are like 5 YouTube vids covering it lol. Was nice getting that first house for free! Sucked I didn't know about the buggy, suicidal horses before I got one. =/ Also, didn't figure out about the whole taxi to the main towns until level 17. I kept getting sidelined on little crap trying to get stuff done lol. Also, I'm a major packrat. I usually have to make several trips back after finishing to strip it of everything I can sell. Also, since I'm a big book guy, I tend to take every book I find and store it at the house for my eventual massive library. =D I haven't committed to anyone atm. Can you join multiple organizations? Atm I can become a Companion, a Rebel, or one of the vampire hunters.
  23. BBTfan


    Nice, Net. There is one board game I'm backing that is almost at 1,200,000! He still has 3 days left. His initial startup minimum was 35,000. Pretty damn cool. One of the computer games I backed, the developers (5 computer savvy Irish gamers and 1 artistic American) live streamed the last 6 hours of their KS. Was pretty funny. Got to ask a bunch of questions about how they plan on deving the game. They got to 200% and were quite excited to be able to code monkey and dev full time on the game. On that budget, it'll fund them (in Ireland) for a year. They can pull it off because 1) Ireland is very inexpensive and 4 of them are living in the same house. Would be cool as hell if they can make this into another MOO. Getting to watch a company from it's roots. Can you imagine if Wizards of the Coast or Miscosoft had started like this? Getting to be in on the very first days?
  24. If you want a good laugh, see the pilot of Bab5 again. So bad! The "disco bridge" and the zoo-like alien quarters? Glad it got better fast.
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