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  1. I'm pretty certain Leonard will be back living with Sheldon, and I'm assuming Raj back at his own apartment, by the end of the episode. And if not, Leonard will come back after he breaks up with Priya >D
  2. "No, NOT THE DIRT PEOPLE!" that made me laugh so hard
  3. At the moment on Nine they've been playing season 2 (I believe they're up to 2x05) on Tuesdays at 8-ish. It's also on Go! on mosts nights but they're playing season 1 again. I think on Wednesdays they play new episodes, but I'm not quite sure. Check your TV Guide if you want to know the times (:
  4. If Sheldon can get over his fear of human contact and hug Penny (which he has), and if Howard can stop exessively hitting on Penny (which he has), then Raj will be able to talk to Penny (and he will). :D He's been around Penny for years now, and he'll get over it eventually. Of course he won't be able to talk to other women for a LONG time, so it would still be comedic gold. My guess is that he'll be able to talk to her sometime this season or the next.
  5. I loved this episode. Love that Bernadette returned, she and Howard are adorable. Plus Raj's desk was hilarious :D
  6. Jess


    Penny always shows interest for Leonard when she's drunk, mainly the Halloween episode in S1 and the one where Leonard's mother visits in S2, and now the S3 finale. Penny either subconsciously loves him, or is too scared to admit it. Either way, atm, I'm not a real fan of how she used Leonard for sex, whether she didn't mean to or not...
  7. Avril Lavigne, during her first 2 albums. Her last one was, meh. Jason Derulo's okay, same with Jessica Mauboy, Linkin Park and Nickelback.
  8. Queensland, Australia.
  9. I don't like Coke, Gossip Girl, House Of Night series, Glee or Justin Bieber.
  10. I love Raj and Howard (mainly Raj, but you know) and they're awesome in scenes together. Love the ersatz homosexual marriage too lol. As for the cast, I love Kunal. He sounds like such a nice guy. I just wish the cast would come to Australia!
  11. I wouldn't want it to turn into anything more. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THEM (mainly Raj, but you know), I just prefer them as super close friends.
  12. Jess

    Heyy :)

    Hi I'm Jess, from Australia, and I absolutely love love love the Big Band Theory, so much my friends pay me to shut up about it. And isn't that just a little sad. My favourite character by far is Raj. He has hilarious one liners, plus I think he's pretty hot I love the Howard/Raj moments. So cute. But unlike most TBBT fans, I don't like Sheldon that much (except when he's drunk. 'get ready to see the dark side of the moon!" rofl). I only like Penny and Leonard when they have scenes together, otherwise I find them boring, especially Leonard. Today or tomorrow I plan to get season 1 and 2
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